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I am a mom to 4 kids ages 7-13. I like to read, scrapbook and write Hubs! Living frugally is a great challenge for me that I enjoy striving towards. I love to talk finances and saving money. We are big time do it yourself people and are looking to become more self sufficient. When I am not writing for Hubpages you can find me at my blog Getting Ahead.

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    • Hub disappearing when I hit save

      Hub disappearing when I hit save

      6 years ago

      Tonight I spent an hour writing a hub.  The auto-save appeared to be working just fine, updating every couple of minutes.  When I was done writing I hit the save button and the entire screen shaded out and...

    • I am confused on ads on older hub

      I am confused on ads on older hub

      9 years ago

      I understand that when a hub is first published, ads that are popular currently are automatically placed on your hub.  Then after google figures out your topic it will place appropriate ads.  I am noticing...

    • Link to hubpages on my blog?

      Link to hubpages on my blog?

      10 years ago

      I would like to post a button or something on my typepad blog that people could click and bring them to hubpages, specifically my latest hubs page.  Any idea?  I am trying to switch my blog from blogger to...

    • Fixing spellcheck?

      Fixing spellcheck?

      10 years ago

      The spellcheck has never worked for me on hubpages.  I click it and it either tells me a bunch of words are misspelled when they aren't or it shows no misspellings, when I know there are.  I end up copying and...

    • A way to increase your ad clicks

      A way to increase your ad clicks

      10 years ago

      I have been writing for hubpages for 10 months now and never seemed to be betting many ad clicks.  As soon as I would write a hub I would blog about it and advertise it on other forums I belong to.  I realized...