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Hi, welcome to my profile page, My name is Darline Kilpatrick or Jen's Solitude, if you prefer.

I have been writing online since 2009. I provide quality content not only for my own websites, but also for my other Internet marketing interests.

Demonstrations of my writing style can be found here at Hubpages. I have 1oo+ articles ranging from health and welfare topics to legal and sports related content. Marketing and sales content demonstrates my ability to review specific goods and services.

I have an affiliate website which should keep me busy for the foreseeable future.

I write content for Textbroker.com and Break Studios and combine my earnings with residual income I receive from Google Adsense (Hubpages) and Knoji

I will continue to be an advocate for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Diagnosed with the relapsing/remitting form of MS in 1993, I have been living with MS for well over a decade.

Providing information support and research within the MS community is very satisfying. I am pleased that my experiences have been helpful to others. A separate site I started deals with steroid use for MS exacerbations, it is named The All Steroids Club please see the website link below.

I am most grateful for the knowledge I have received from others willing to share medical information and experiences with me. The MS community is a wonderful source of encouragement and understanding.

My husband and I are moving in a new direction and entering the world of early retirement. Thirty-one years of marriage has filled us with great anticipation for our new situation. As we settle into retirement we look forward to enjoying each other's company as never before.

Of course I will continue to freelance and I feel it will be both satisfying and helpful. I enjoy researching and writing about interesting subjects and products and I believe being easy to work with has allowed me to be more successful than I ever imagined.

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      • I am unable to get a sub-domain

        I am unable to get a sub-domain

        6 years ago

        Has anyone else had this problem? Know matter what I do, I keep receiving a message that my answer/answers are incorrect. I guess I will just have to wait for the change to occur from HP's end. Unless someone can...

      • I Get to Write About Guitars!

        I Get to Write About Guitars!

        7 years ago

        Howdy Folks,I am very excited to share my latest step up the writing ladder. After following the advice given on this forum to look for other ways to get paid to write, I starting saving sites for freelance writers, in...

      • 499 . . . .

        499 . . . .

        7 years ago

        Who will become my 500th fan! I excitedly wait for you to reveal yourself. Didn't think I would reach this mark, so didn't even set it as a goal. Yet it is almost a reality.Waiting . . . waiting . . . 

      • 100 Hubs and 16 months later

        100 Hubs and 16 months later

        7 years ago

        I officially posted my 100th hub earlier today. I have been patiently trying to get here for nearly 16 months now. It is satisfying to have finally reached this goal.



        7 years ago

        Hi everyone, I am pleased to introduce you all to a great writer and friend who has decided to set up camp here at Hubpages. Since I am already a fan of her writing from years ago, I am anxiously awaiting her first hubs...

      • I Can't Hop!

        I Can't Hop!

        7 years ago

        Is anyone else having trouble hopping from one hub to the next, or is it just me?

      • 300 Fans AND a medal  :-)

        300 Fans AND a medal :-)

        7 years ago

        Hi All! I have been waiting for my 300th fan since last night. Thank you malluboy09 btw.I forgot I would also be awarded another medal for the achievement, so am excited now for 2 reason. (smile) Thanks to all who...

      • I Have Reached My First Google Adsense Pay Out!

        I Have Reached My First Google Adsense Pay Out!

        7 years ago

        I can't believe how long it took me to get that last .12 cents I needed, but this morning it finally happened and I am now a little over $100.00.I have been here almost 9 months and was hoping to reach the pay out...

      • I Just Crossed Over 10,000 Views!

        I Just Crossed Over 10,000 Views!

        8 years ago

        I'm happy but a little surprised, as I thought I would hit the 10,000 views mark, this evening. I was shocked to see I have 10,002 views as of this posting.Its nice to reach my goal so just wanted to share it with you...

      • Incoming Links reset - anyone else?

        Incoming Links reset - anyone else?

        8 years ago

        All of my incoming links in the stats section are now showing only one incoming link. Previously, some showed 5 links. Has anyone else noticed a loss of links?~Jen

      • 5,000 Page Views :D

        5,000 Page Views :D

        8 years ago

        Well I don't know who was responsible, but someone viewed one of my pages and enabled me to reach 5,000!   My REAL goal is 10,000, but since I won't get there overnight, I figure it will be nice to set mini-goals...

      • I Reached 100 Aurthor Score For First Time

        I Reached 100 Aurthor Score For First Time

        8 years ago

        Hooray! It probably won't last too long, but still nice to see. Hope it doesn't take too long to obtain again and I hope the score holds up for a few hours. Its always nice to have a pleasant surprise in the morning...

      • My First Author Score of 99!

        My First Author Score of 99!

        8 years ago

        I figure I'd better post this fast, it is liable to drop any minute now. LOL Still it is my highest score so far and I am excited. Hopefully I will see 100 before too long, even if only briefly. Jen

      • I Just Reached A Small Goal!

        I Just Reached A Small Goal!

        8 years ago

        I know I am way too excited, about this, but when I first began here on hubpages, I thought how thrilling it would be to have 1,000 page views. When I reached that goal I thought, yeah but will you ever get 1,000 views...

      • Piano Tuning

        Piano Tuning

        8 years ago

        I see quite a few play the piano so I'd like your help please. I was given a piano by a friend but it needs tuning and the middle C key has dropped. (Sorry that probably isn't the correct term) Do you have any tips on...

      • Google Analytics not showing me any info

        Google Analytics not showing me any info

        8 years ago

        Hi, I've been thoroughly reading Google's instructions for analytics but still cannot get any information on my dash board or any where else.I figure I must be doing something wrong, but can't figure out what it is.The...

      • My hub is now on the first page of google but not under hubpages????

        My hub is now on the first page of google but not under hubpages????

        8 years ago

        Hi everyone,I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me what is going on with my hub. I wrote an article about Harry Kalis passing away. This morning I was surprised to see the article coming in at #11 on the google...