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First off, thanks for visiting my Hub! If you have come to my page, feel free to leave a comment (much appreciated!) saying hello and I will go to your page and check out what you have to say and all that jazz!

A little about me:

I think, and hope, that I am not like anyone else you have ever met, talked to or read a "Hub" about.

My name's Jess, but people call me Jersey, Jessy, Marilyn, Marilyn Lily and New Boston. I live in New Jersey and I love it here! A LOT of people underestimate me and my writing abilities because of my young age (I am in my upperclassmen years of high school) but I work very hard at it, love to write and try not to disappoint!

I like to write, which is probably why you have found me on this website. I am also on this website to learn from what other people have to teach me and provide my own knowledge to those who seek it. I try to educate myself daily, in other ways and places than an environment of a classroom. I am a very organized person and very independent when it comes to my education. I have had an intense passion for writing for over five years now. I want to be a writer and a teacher when I'm older. An English teacher, grades K-8, to be exact. I have Honors (As and Bs) in my classes at my college prep school, and I try very hard to keep those averages, which keeps me very busy most of the time. I will be taking Honors Literature next year and a college-level English course through my High School.

I like to write anything... poems, short stories, letters, brochures, invitations, lists, and about me's (even though I'm horrible at it)! I like writing about pretty much anything, from how I am feeling, to relationships, advice, the weather, news, and horror stories. I love party planning, reading and scrap booking. I also like being with my family, my close friends, going to the beach, going to the horse track, going to car races, driving my car, playing volleyball, listening to music (anything rock, screamo, metal, or punk), and watching movies (only mystery, and comedy- I hate horror).

So far in my Hubs, I have not gotten too personal, but I am working towards that in my Hubs titled "Weekly Status Updates". I am emotional but I can be a "tough cookie" as my friend likes to say, and she tells me I am stronger than I think. I do get emotional, and since I am a writer, like many of you, I emotionally feel in a far different way than most people would. This, I'm sure you understand.

I am also writing a Hub about every state in the U.S.A. This includes population and a lot about the state based on research. The first one of these types of Hubs is about my home state, New Jersey. If you would like me to write about a specific state sooner, leave a comment under one of my Hubs about a state and I'll get to that one next!

I have a specific Hub for a more detailed "about me". Feel free to check that out. It definetely has the most traffic than any of my Hubs! Please check out my other Hubs while you're at it too? If there is anything you would like to know about me or anything you would like me to write about, just leave me a comment. Thanks! =P

I now have a Photobucket just for my HubPages account, where I will upload bulk amount of pictures on there that have to do with my Hubs. I am doing this because uploading pictures on here has become a pain. I will only be uploading pictures to my Photobucket after I post a Hub and my pictures capsule isn't working. I will let you know at the end of a Hub if I put pictures on my Photobucket. These will mostly only be places I've traveled to, so it isn't a biggie.

These pictures I would like for you to view in your spare time after reading my Hubs to gain further visual information. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and that is also what I would like to show you. I will add a link to my Photobucket at the end of the Hub where I am including pictures on there. Each link on this website is the same and will lead you to my Photobucket.

The account is a Public account, so everyone on here can see it and is welcomed to. Thanks.



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