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Although Matthew (1:21) interprets the name (originally Joshua, that is Yahweh is salvation) and finds it specially appropriate for Jesus of Nazareth, it was a common one at the time.

Josephus, the Jewish historian, refers to 19 different persons by that name. The proper name "Jesus," when referring to Jesus of Nazareth, was ordinarily supplemented by the title "Christ," even in early Christian usage.

Paul sometimes reversed them and placed the title first: "Christ Jesus." The full term reflects one of the earliest stages of the Christian faith, for which Jesus was the promised Messiah of Jewish expectation, that is, the exalted, semi divine king of Israel in the glorious Age to Come.

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  • Who is Jesus Christ?

    Who is Jesus Christ?

    6 years ago

    Sources of information for my life and teaching are in the four Gospels, written between 65 and 125 A.D. These were not biographies in either the ancient or the modern sense, but set forth the early Christian...

  • Christology


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    Christology is the doctrine of the person and work of Christ. Christology is concerned with Christ's nature, both human and divine, His incarnation, His revelation of God, His miracles, or "mighty works," His death...