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I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at age 43. I spent a long time traveling down the nile of denial river. My husband Mike is a 'keep those wheels a rolling' trucker. He spent about a year nagging, pushing and insisting I travel with him down the vast, open, scenic roadways of adventure. After much kicking, screaming and wining, I decided to take this challenge and embark on this new quest.

It changed my life.

I wrote about my daily events in my 'new memories in the making' travel journal. Driving state to state, experiencing many new things and meeting new people, gave me a new perspective on life. This journey of traveling and exposing my five senses to new things, brought out the hidden writer within me.

I had so much fun journaling. I could see how my writing changed in just a couple of months. I was adding more detail in my daily happenings. My initial jotting down short lines of text quickly flourished into writing stories.

I've learned that life goes on even with a disease. I still travel with my husband. I'm still adding to new memories to my journal. My goal is to share my new travel adventures and pictures with you.

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