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jeyki01 profile image

Jacob (jeyki01)

Joined 5 years ago from Philippines




Hello! People from the internet. I’d like to thank you for finding your way to this page. I know that some of you might have visited this page by mistake but I hope you would still stay and try to read on some topics that I like.

They said that I should share some little aspects about myself.

First I was born in the Philippines in a small city called Iligan City. I am still in college right now (first year college to be precise). Right now I’m taking up Industrial Automation and Controls Engineering Technology or you could simply call it IACET. The Philippines have been my primary home for the past 17 years of my existence. But even though the Philippines is my home ground I still dream about traveling the world and experience the different cultures that the world has to offer. My one and only hobby maybe is playing music. I am a big music fan. I adore all kinds of music from the fast beat raps from “50 cent” to the heart warming songs from the legendary rock band “The Beatles”.

As a 17- year old boy trying to find the purpose of my existence (still searching actually) I have experienced things that a normal 17-year old probably shouldn’t even go through. I have gone through from separation of my parents to (I probably shouldn’t say this but what the heck) Drug usage. My parents separated when I was 7-years old mainly due to my father’s “Secret Affair”. After their separation, my mother fought for my custody rights (which she obviously won) to keep me as her son and for me not to experience my father’s wicked acts. My mother was the “you’re my offspring and I will do everything in my power to make you a better man” type of parent. My mother has this kind of attitude mainly because I’m her only kid. Through the years, my relationship with my mother has gone through ups and downs. These downsides between the relationship of my mother and I has led me to a certain path in my life (which I am in great regret right now that I took that path) that made me experience a mother’s worst nightmare for her child “Drug Addiction”. Yes! I have gone through the usage of drugs (specifically methamphetamine and marijuana). These drugs were once my escape route to a land I personally call “No Problems Land”. Before you guys come firing at me with your comments let me explain my side of the story. My Filipina mother was engaged to a Canadian guy (never really liked the guy). After they got engaged my mother finalized her decision that she would leave the country and live with the Canadian guy for me to have a “Better Future”. After my mother finalized her decision, my personality has gone from the “Obedient Kid” to the “Rebellious Kid”. This certain moment in my life made me feel that I am alone and lost child. In my mind at that time I was looking for ways to get my mother’s attention (which I thought I lost but in actuality I never did). After searching for answers to my problem, then it suddenly hit me “Maybe drugs is the answer to my craving for attention?”. And yes I got attention and I got a lot of it (literally a lot). This kind of attention really had negative effects on my life. To sum it all up my mother found out about my drug usage and was devastated and it made her cry which made me really sad seeing my mother cry right in front of me (I got to admit even big boys cry) which made me realize that I should quickly redo my life and try to make my mother happy again.

So with that said I am personally welcoming you to a place I call “The Lounge” where I talk about topics that I am interested in and share my thoughts to you guys. Please feel free to leave some comments or suggestions.

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