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Hi! I'm Jessica. Don't worry, the username isn't a biblical reference; it's more of a conglomeration of my name and my siblings' names as accidentally invented by my mother in an attempt to get the names right. (Poor thing, having to remember so many darn names!)

I enjoy writing about a variety of subjects, but most of all, I enjoy being a little bit silly which comes across in my writing about 60% of the time...every time.

I am embarking on a new journey to be more serious about freelance writing but at the same time less serious when I write, in an effort to find my voice as a writer and showcase my winning personality (smile with a sparkle and a wink) and rapier wit. (Is that the right word? rapier? I'll look it up later. I think it's like a really sharp sword or something).

I hope you enjoy browsing through some of my work here on HubPages and will check back often for new gems of sarcasm, irony, and self-deprecating works. Oh, and some recipes!

© Jessica Barst All articles published on this subdomain are the intellectual property of the author, and no work in part or in full shall be copied or used without the author's permission.

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