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Historian, scientist, theologian, philosopher, and purveyor of information.

I am a lover of all things military, admirer of warrior cultures throughout history, dog enthusiast, gamer, and all-around nerd.

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      • My sabbatical is over

        My sabbatical is over

        14 months ago

        So, I've been out of it for quite a while.  Some of you might remember me, some might not.  I wrote a few things.  I think I may have won an award in there somewhere.  In any case, I'm back to...

      • Ah, plagarism.

        Ah, plagarism.

        2 years ago

        http:/ /www. ozeldersin .com/Ripped off one of mine, might wanna check yours too.  It's allegedly some kind of tutoring operation out of Istanbul.

      • First Payout and a Google front page, woo!

        First Payout and a Google front page, woo!

        3 years ago

        Don't mind me, I'm just excited.  Finally, I made my first 50 bucks and found one of my hubs on page 1 of Google search results.  Happy times, these.

      • I could use a hand, if anyone is feeling generous.

        I could use a hand, if anyone is feeling generous.

        3 years ago

        I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've got a hub in the works that requires the assistance of a volunteer or two.Long story short, I need a couple of people who use self-images for profile...

      • Well, I'm outta here.

        Well, I'm outta here.

        3 years ago

        No offense to any parties here, but the fact is this site just really isn't working out for me.  Factors that I won't discuss in depth so as not to offend anyone have inspired me to move on with my endeavors in the...

      • Coffee... I hardly knew ye.

        Coffee... I hardly knew ye.

        4 years ago

        Well, it has finally happened.  At the urging of my doctor, I have quit drinking caffeine entirely.  As a former pot-a-day coffee drinker, I am not handling this well.  My energy levels and cognitive...

      • Twitter works!

        Twitter works!

        4 years ago

        I've mentioned it before, but I'm a short-term goal kind of guy.  Well, as of yesterday afternoon my goal was 2,000 views.  I left it alone from there until I woke up this morning, at which time I found my...

      • I made a whole dollar!  Wooo!

        I made a whole dollar! Wooo!

        4 years ago

        Finally got adsense approved, and I made a dollar!  And enough change to cover sales tax!Yes, this is exciting.  Don't judge me.  I need some good news amid my Twitter battle.  I'm starting to hate...

      • Best Commercial Ever

        Best Commercial Ever

        4 years ago

        I've been mulling it over, and I think I've settled on Diluth Trading Company and their series of TV ads as the absolute funniest ad campaign ever.  Any thoughts?

      • What's wrong with Koolaid?

        What's wrong with Koolaid?

        4 years ago

        Seriously. I like Koolaid. Does that make me a bad person? It tastes alright, easy to make, cost-effective, and quite popular.

      • Atheists, do you study the scripture?

        Atheists, do you study the scripture?

        4 years ago

        It's a question that has come up more than once and I have a preconceived notion about it.  Do you know the Bible?  Have you read it?  How "advanced" is your study of the subject?  Is it a...

      • Social Media and Hubbers

        Social Media and Hubbers

        4 years ago

        As someone who is largely not in favor of social media for reasons I've gone so far as to write a hub about, I have a hard time working the social media angle to drive traffic.  Still, Twitter and Facebook have...

      • Measure of success?

        Measure of success?

        4 years ago

        The lack of stat updates is driving me insane and got me wondering if I'm over-the-top with my constant supervision of my view count.  I seem to hone in and focus on anything I can quantify as a measure of my...

      • Music to write by

        Music to write by

        4 years ago

        Any particular songs, artists, or genres that you find especially motivational when you write?