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Presently in my 60s but have desired to write, ever since I was told I express myself better writing than I do talking. It was also at that time that I felt an urge to put on paper my thoughts and imaginings. As it was I have always tended to live more in the world of imagination (television, movies, and reading) than I do in the real world. Then in high school, a Social Studies teacher turned me on to government, history, and politics,

After high school, I spent about 15 years in the Army (1970-1985). Nine of those years spent in the history filled country of Germany.

After leaving the Army, I tried to become a male nurse. That is until I discovered I could not handle all the academics that were required. I did become a Certified Nursing Assistant (1989-2004). Much of that time dealing with Alzhiemers and dementia residents in nursing homes

In 187 I was married for about 26 years (1987-2013) to a woman with bi-polar disorder. In 2013 she decided that she wanted her illness more than she wanted to be married and have a family. During our marriage, we managed to be foster parents and eventually adopted one of our special needs foster girls.

I do not usually use my real name on the internet because I have found that the person that lives in the real world is more complex and not as self confident as the persons who contribute to who I am.

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