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A dad of three who keep me on my toes and my feet on the ground, a graphic designer by trade and a budding artist for the last 35 years with my toes in both the traditional and digital areas. A blogger and budding internet marketer who loves to paint. I also collect fantasy art / science fiction art books and I am a fossil hunting nut . . . a strange combination.

Fantasy art is something I aspire to but traditional landscape painting has always got a place in my portfolio.

What can you expect from my hubs?
A broad range of subject matter, some you will like and others you will not, but all will be well researched and to the point.

An insight into how I paint and what I use to create my scribbles and paintings. As a collector of fantasy art books, I will review some of the best art books out there and anything art / fantasy art related.

Metal detecting, a fascinating hobby...
If metal detecting is your hobby then there will soon be some hubs appearing on the subject and new content will soon be appearing on metal detector reviews, so take a look.

Feel free to contact me and comment on any hubs as I will do the same.

I will update my bio page soon and until then... enjoy!

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