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Hello, my name is Joshua Gilbert and I am a student of military history and home-school graduate living in the United States, the Great Lakes region, in Michigan. My "home" website can be found at www.historyzing.com

I have been published in the Karwansaray Publishers magazines Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare and await publication in Decision Games' Strategy & Tactics. I was also published in an academic publication, the Han Lin Journal on China History Fourm. I am also published online at Military History, Armchair General, Samurai Archives, and self-publish through Triond.

I have been writing since 2003, and been doing so for a profession since 2005.

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  • The Mongol Invasions of Vietnam

    The Mongol Invasions of Vietnam

    2 years ago

    In the 13th Century the Mongols of Kublai Khan, founder of China's Yuan dyansty, launched three invasions of modern Vietnam. They succeeded in winning many battles but in the end lost the war.

  • Trajan's Parthian War

    Trajan's Parthian War

    2 years ago

    From 114 to 116 AD the Roman Emperor Trajan waged war against the Parthian Empire, but his considerable conquests in the east did not last for long.

  • The Hogen and Heiji Disturbances

    The Hogen and Heiji Disturbances

    3 years ago

    Two brief conflicts that occurred in the late Heian Period of Japanese history in the 12th Century. Together, they chronicle the rise of Taira no Kiyomori to national dominance.