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Judi Bee profile image

Judith Hancock (Judi Bee)

Apprenticeship Alum

Joined 6 years ago from UK




Also follow me on:

My name is Judith, but online I've become Judi Bee.

Ancestor stalking, World War I enthusiast and dog walker extraordinaire, I write about anything that interests me, from weird to wonderful.

What I really want to do is write a novel. Stayed tuned, it may just happen!

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    • Owlcation


      2 years ago

      I've just noticed a couple of my WW1 hubs plus another history hub moved to "Owlcation".  Topics are Academia, Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM and Agriculture and Farming. Don't know what to say about that mix!

    • Site Copying Hubs

      Site Copying Hubs

      2 years ago

      I've just found a number of my hubs on this site:  www(dot)toknowthings(dot)com.  Looks like there has been wholesale copying from HP going on so you might want to check for your articles.  I will be filing DMCAs tomorrow - I'll post the details of the hosting etc if anyone else...

    • Stolen Content - Legal, Political and Social Topics

      Stolen Content - Legal, Political and Social Topics

      3 years ago

      One of my hubs has been copied by this site:  "Perfect Law World" (how ironic!)     www(dot)infily(dot)comA quick look at the front page suggests that all the content is copied and a good number of articles are from HubPages.Registrant is in China, the host is GoDaddy.

    • Stolen Hubs:  ANYTHING to do with Helicopters

      Stolen Hubs: ANYTHING to do with Helicopters

      4 years ago

      I've found one of my hubs copied on a blogger account.  This hub has been copied, along with the others on the blog, before. In the past, complaints to Google have got the blog closed, but s/he has simply started a new one with the previously stolen articles.All the copied hubs have on thing...

    • Copied Content - Tattoos, Helicopters and Furniture

      Copied Content - Tattoos, Helicopters and Furniture

      4 years ago

      Found one of my hubs on a blogger site - I suspect it's the same person (using a new name) who recently stole a great many hotel themed hubs.  He has a series of blogs relating to tattoos, which certainly have hubs on them:design your own tattoo reviews (dot) blogspot (dot) co (dot) ukmy first...

    • Stolen Copies Now Outranking Original Hubs

      Stolen Copies Now Outranking Original Hubs

      4 years ago

      Paradigmsearch reported on the scraper site some weeks ago.  Up until this week, they hadn't got any of my content, but I found several of my hubs there yesterday - DMCA filed, same old, same old  However, what's really ticking me off is that the copies are already...

    • Sticky Thread for Copied Content Posts

      Sticky Thread for Copied Content Posts

      4 years ago

      I know it's been suggested before, but please reconsider allowing threads concerning sites posting stolen content to be stickied.Just today there are several threads regarding the same sites, people cross-posting and getting mixed up on which site is being discussed.  It's not surprising; the...

    • Another Site Copying the Entire HP Site

      Another Site Copying the Entire HP Site

      4 years ago

      While searching for copied hubs on one of the sites already mentioned in the forums, I've found another one.  Again, it appears to be a complete copy, albeit a poorly executed one.  Worryingly, I found that in two instances, when I searched  a chunk of an article to find the original...

    • Site Copying Hubs About Weddings

      Site Copying Hubs About Weddings

      4 years ago

      There are over 300 articles, many of which are certainly copied hubs, on this site:myfirtsisblogweddingdresses2013 (dot) blogspot (dot) co (dot) uk(Yes, the spelling mistake is actually in the blog URL!)

    • New Month, Same Scraper

      New Month, Same Scraper

      5 years ago

      It's already been reported that some of last month's scraper sites are up with new hosts .  Just letting everyone know that at least one more site has reappeared today (travelingandplaces) and that more hubs are being added to all the sites today.  I...

    • List of Sites Scraping Content

      List of Sites Scraping Content

      4 years ago

      I've had 38 of my hubs  scraped by the same outfit operating over different sites.  I know that there are various threads now, but here's a list of the site names.  They are scraping topic categories, as far as I can see.  The sites are made up entirely of hubs, so please check...

    • Stolen Hubs - Films and TV

      Stolen Hubs - Films and TV

      5 years ago

      So, after yesterday's travel hub heist, today I've found what appears to be the same outfit stealing film/TV/entertainment hubs - they've got two of mine and as with the travel site, it appears to be made up entirely of hubs.Here's the site:  http://  www. ...

    • Stolen Hubs - Travel

      Stolen Hubs - Travel

      5 years ago

      Traffic on one of my hubs has disappeared - it may or may not be because I've just found it copied here:http://  www.  travelingandplaces.  comI'm pretty sure that most of the rest of the content on the site is copied from HubPages. Let the DMCA complaints begin...

    • Random Sentences of a Hub Copied - A Lot!

      Random Sentences of a Hub Copied - A Lot!

      5 years ago

      I was checking for copies of a hub and ran a sentence, plus quotes, through Google search.  My hub came back at the top, but was followed by two pages of results.  These came from posts on blogs and entries at "Insane Journal" and "Soup io".  The sentence is used...

    • Copied Hub:  The Aftermath

      Copied Hub: The Aftermath

      5 years ago

      One of my hubs was copied on Tumblr.  I found it in early December (though it had been posted there in May), notified Tumblr and they removed it very quickly.  However, I noticed today that if I copy a few sentences from that hub into Google search (my very technical method of detecting...

    • Hub Copied and Spun - DMCA or no?

      Hub Copied and Spun - DMCA or no?

      5 years ago

      I found one of my hubs copied and badly spun on the aptly named "ArticleSnatch" Directory.  It has some phrases completely intact, others reworded and some of it is in a different order.  The spinner has given it a nice new shiny title too.  So, can I issue a DMCA...

    • Why do some dogs love to roll in fox poo?

      Why do some dogs love to roll in fox poo?

      5 years ago

      Why do some dogs love to roll in fox poo?My dog loves rolling in fox poo!  In fact, not too long ago she nearly rolled off a cliff because she started wriggling around in the wretched stuff and sliding down the grass towards the edge as she did so.

    • FIXED: Feed is stalled (

      FIXED: Feed is stalled (

      5 years ago

      As no one else has mentioned this, I am guessing that it is an issue with my computer.  My feed is stuck.  I really like the hub that's at the top of the feed, but after 17 hours it would be nice to see something new Everything else is updating - stats, forum posts etc.  Anyone got...

    • Anyone having problems with Frontline flea treatment not working?

      Anyone having problems with Frontline flea treatment not working?

      5 years ago

      Anyone having problems with Frontline flea treatment not working?My sister-in-law has used it for her cats for years, but she says that during the last two summers it's been ineffective and her neighbours are finding the same problem.  A few colleagues with cats have said much the same and...

    • More Copied Content - Blogger

      More Copied Content - Blogger

      6 years ago

      I posted a couple of days ago about a pet blog that had copied one of my hubs.  I filed a complaint and it is gone. However, I clicked on the blogger's profile and notice that she has several more blogs covering health, business, food and education.  I have found one hub that was...

    • Copied Content - Pet Blog

      Copied Content - Pet Blog

      6 years ago

      Just checked one of my hubs and found that it had been copied on this site:http://just-pet-lover. blogspot. co. ukLots of content on there, from rabbits to Bigfoot (!), doubt any of it has been produced by the blogger.  I've filed a complaint through Google Webmaster.  There aren't any...

    • Another Hub Snatcher!

      Another Hub Snatcher!

      6 years ago

      Today I found one of my hubs copied on another site.  From a quick look, I imagine that the whole blog is compiled from copied articles.  It's a WordPress blog Reality Inspiration.  Clearly her inspiration comes from the reality of other people's hard work!There is definitely one...