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Sometimes a student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. An amateur writer and a part-time hardcore gamer.

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  • Champions League 2017/2018 group stage preview

    Champions League 2017/2018 group stage preview

    6 months ago

    Let's take a look at this year's Champions league groups and teams participating and see who has best chances to advance to the last 16 and lift the coveted trophy.

  • The Lost Pearl

    The Lost Pearl

    6 months ago

    Two people living peacefully alone on a small island. A story that tells us we are never alone, no matter what happens...

  • Olympus Has Fallen: The Battle Begins

    Olympus Has Fallen: The Battle Begins

    6 months ago

    Set in the world of Greek mythology where gods and titans fight for control of Olympus, Zeus comes to learn just how important family is...

  • Black is White

    Black is White

    6 months ago

    A very short but imaginative and colorful story of a boy with black eyes standing on the edge of his own sanity...

  • Raining Alone

    Raining Alone

    6 months ago

    A man is injured and lost in a forest, sitting under some tree in pain and regret. Then, his dream comes to life...

  • The Tallest Hill

    The Tallest Hill

    6 months ago

    A short story of a man who hates life, but, out of curiosity, embarks on a journey to the top of a mystical hill. What he finds there changes him completely and nothing's the same anymore. An allegory