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Hello everyone, I'm justinespeaks13. My interests vary from cooking, gardening, kids, arts and crafts, beauty care, healthy living and so on. I guess i just love many things all at once, I paint and sing as well. So Far I have two Lenses with a purple star namely Summer in the Philippines and Filipino Food Chicken Adobo I'm also a Psychology Graduate, I love watching documentaries, reading articles, and just consume interesting information. Enjoy reading! =)

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  • When My Hamsters Gave Birth

    When My Hamsters Gave Birth

    3 months ago

    Taking care of hamsters is no easy task. You need to be responsible enough to care for them as they need lots of attention. Hamsters can bite, scratch, and make a mess. so be sure to think things over before going to...

  • How to Make Your Home Halloween Ready

    How to Make Your Home Halloween Ready

    3 months ago

    Halloween is annual event wherein most countries in the western part of the word prepare for something, fun, scary, and sweets. Trick or Treating or Halloween parties are the craze every year, but some part of the world...

  • Halloween in The Philippines

    Halloween in The Philippines

    3 months ago

    Its most commonly known as Halloween specially in the US, but in the Philippines we call it All Saint's/Hallow's Day which is on November 1, and All Souls Day on November 2, Halloween here is very different when it...