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Andy Warhol's phrase "I'm from nowhere" is a fair description of my background. I've lived in too many places to call one home - 7 countries and 6 U.S. states and have never been back to the city where I was born. I write for fun, mostly about things I enjoy - travel, history, genealogy, and hiking. My professional background is mostly in the teaching field, both traditional and non-traditional.

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      • Comparing AdSense to HubPages statistics

        Comparing AdSense to HubPages statistics

        3 years ago

        I brought this up in discussion over the summer and Hub Pages indicated that they would contact Google about it.  HP told me to start a new thread if the problem wasn't resolved. The problem was, and still is, as...

      • RESOLVED:Google AdSense Page Views v. Hub stats

        RESOLVED:Google AdSense Page Views v. Hub stats

        3 years ago

        There is a huge disparity between my Hub stats and my stats in Google Analytics.  Hub stats shows me getting 300+ page views per day. Google shows about 20 per day. This disparity started around one month...

      • Google analytics upgrade question

        Google analytics upgrade question

        3 years ago

        My affiliate code is preceded by a "UA". Does that mean it was automatically upgraded? Do I need to do anything else before the Aug 20 deadline.  This whole process is very confusing.

      • Ad Program pay-out

        Ad Program pay-out

        3 years ago

        When is the payout for the Ad program earnings?  I was well over the 50 dollar threshold at the beginning of the month (July) and see no activity in my pay-pal.   I'm confused. I thought it was on the...

      • Confusion over Adsense setup

        Confusion over Adsense setup

        8 years ago

        I am confused. I registered my Adsense with Hub pages but how do I post specific Adsense content in my hub pages, or can't I control this?  Another point of confusion is "Adds by Google" which have always...