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I am a former Squidoo member still adjusting to Hubpages. My health is an everyday battle which I occasionally find downright hilarious. I have never been good with the tears so I write instead.

Along with writing I love: travel, origami, learning Japanese, watercolor painting, sewing, jewelry making, blogging (I'm on Google+), reading manga, anime (Yes I am finally brave enough to say so!), wheelchair-free days, an excellent glass of Riesling, and the smell of the sea before a storm.

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    • Did you get a flu shot?

      Did you get a flu shot?

      3 years ago

      Every winter season the doctor asks/tells me to 'get a flu shot.' This got me to thinking...How many of us actually got ours?

    • HP Being Slow?

      HP Being Slow?

      3 years ago

      Has anyone else had issues with the loading speed of HP (especially making Hub edits)? At first I thought it was my computer or internet provider causing the problem. I have now tried several different places/internet...