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There have been times that it seems like I have been writing, journaling, or researching every day of my life. So many different things will catch my attention, and I simply cannot rest until I learn everything there is to know about them. My imagination runs rampant, sometimes, and my thirst for knowledge has no limit.

I have long believed in the simple truth that knowledge should be shared, always. It does not matter how it will be received, as long as it is shared, for how else will others learn? This belief is a large part of the reason behind my beginning some Hubs, to share what knowledge I have gleaned over the years, before it is far too late to do so.

The Hubs I have created reflect my interests and my passions. It is my hope that the knowledge placed within them will spark something within each person that reads them, and drive them into learning more. Share, and share alike, it is said, and it is my pleasure to share my sparks with all who read this, and my Hubs.

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  • The Books I Have Loved Before

    The Books I Have Loved Before

    12 months ago

    The return of the hardboiled detective is at hand, London style. Beautifully written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, J. K. Rowling does for crime noir what she did for young adult fantasy.