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I'm a writer, entrepreneur and happily married woman, who's here to write, read and learn. I was born in 1973 and spent my preteen years in leg warmers dancing to Wham, Madonna and Michael Jackson. To counterbalance the corrupting influences of pop culture, my dad took me at an early age to the adult section of the library, where he introduced me to the novels of Agatha Christie, Graham Greene and P.G. Wodehouse. Ever since then, I have been totally hooked on reading. Books have always been a safe shelter to me, or maybe what I really mean is: they taught me all about sex, drugs and other stuff my parents didn't want me to be aware of before the age of 25. At university I studied English literature (books books books!) and English linguistics, which led me straight into jobs as a magazine editor, copywriter, and into the crazy world of journalism. I live with a charming creature named Frank. Last year, I concluded that he was just too amazing to set loose, and I tricked him into marrying me. My time is spent running several online businesses, writing a bit here and there, trying to play the piano, reading, travelling, etc. My lenses on Squidoo will primarily deal with health, relationships, books and all things creative. I like life, and have been convinced for some time that it gets better the longer you live it. It just takes some practice. Oh yeah, before I forget: thanks for visiting my lenses. It's much appreciated.

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