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My first exposure to writing was my childhood journal. I began writing about my daily adventures; troubles with parents, fights with siblings, crushes, you name it. From there, I entered a forced "young author's contest". And, I won! It felt good to hear my name called over the loudspeaker.

That is before, I fully understood what winning intailed. As I stood in a room full of veterans, I realized, "I didn't like winning awards." I had to read my essay in front of the entire facility. It might as well have been a stadium full of people staring at me.

From those days until now, I have found peace in writing. I find all types of writing inspiring. Though, I do not over complicate my writing for a specific reading level, i do believe it should be enjoyed by the masses. I am human and can find errors in everything I do. isn't that the meaning of art? Imperfectly perfect.

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