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I can't really say specifically what I will be writing on primarily, as my interests are wide-spanning. However, here are some topics that I do intend on writing about frequently:

-Paganism and other Religions

-Social and Political Issues

-Cultural Stuff

-Nerdy-related topics (i.e. fantasy, videogames, etc)

Those are just a few, and I am always willing to take up challenges so please send me requests for what you would like to here about!

I am just a male pagan who wants to spread a lot of positivity and clear up some issues regarding certain topics, as I have found that hatred and bias is largely due to ignorance.

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  • Finding Your Pagan Path

    Finding Your Pagan Path

    10 months ago

    Finding where your pagan path can be a confusing and difficult task, but it should never be a painful or bad experience. Here is how to find the best fulfillment in finding your path.