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I am a writer who is looking for a way to share my talents. I love animals, environments, Science, technology, and art. I'm a digital artist who loves writing about art. I enjoy writing about anything, really. As long as I can write, then I'm happy.

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  • Top 5 Tips for Taking Reading Tests

    Top 5 Tips for Taking Reading Tests

    4 months ago

    Reading can be stressful, especially during timed tests. This article explains five tips to help students pass difficult reading tests. I also explain what to do before and during a test.

  • Woodchuck Tongue Twister Explained

    Woodchuck Tongue Twister Explained

    4 months ago

    This article is to explain how tongue twisters work., mostly the woodchuck tongue twister. I also have some history on the English language to help others further understand these phrases.