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A bit of the dance to the time warp here, as I'm updating this after having been around for a couple years.

What I said back in the day -

What is there to say that hasn't been said a million times before? I'm 23, of questionable sanity, and mildly obsessed with writing.

Okay, more than mildly obsessed, but my addiction is countered by lack of time and an excess of procrastination. I like to write about writing, video games, creative works, how-to guides, books, opinions and really just about anything.

I recently took the plunge and now am striving to become a full time freelance writer. If I can ever find the time to get around to it. If anyone wants to know more, feel free to add me on Facebook, which is in my mortal name.

Also, against my better judgment and my personal resentment of it, I'm now on Twitter as waywriter.

Actually, looking back on it, I'm just a couple years older and still as scattered as ever. I'm going to try to keep it contained on hub-pages to geek speak - ie, video games, books, movies and what not. We'll see how it works out.

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