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Welcome. Thank you for stopping by to check out these pages. My interests are rather eclectic, including but not limited to history, politics, sports, and spiritual formation; especially fascinated in exploring those intersections where faith meets reality.

My first book, An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Hope accepts that life is hard. True life narrative is tied to Scripture to describe God's presence in the midst of painful circumstances.

My second book is fiction. The novel, Days of Purgatory is a mystery thriller set against the backdrop of westward expansion. It explores some disturbing themes regarding the depravity of the human heart and does so in a manner that ought to cause the reader to examine the meaning of faith, spirituality, and the broken nature of life. My third book, Shadows of Revenge continues the story that began with Days of Purgatory. The sequel is an adventure mystery set in and around Abilene, Kansas in 1872. Deacon Coburn, a realist galvanized by his past, is startled when remnants of yesteryear track him down. The saga unfolds further in my fouth book, Echoes of Evil, which opens in the midst of a ferocious winterstorm. Populated by old west heroes and outlaws, the story is a life and death struggle that has harrowing turns and supernatural overtones.

All four books are available at Amazon.

The Jodat Chronicles can be found at WWW.DANCESWITHCORN.COM. Jedediah Jodat is a mysterious character who gets entangled in trials and troubles. He is a time traveler and soldier of fortune. His roots, story, and ongoing adventures are always fascinating and routinely end in cliff hanging situations.

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      • Uploading Photos

        Uploading Photos

        6 years ago

        Any one else having difficulty uploading photos?I've tried repeatedly, but get this in red: "We're sorry, but something has gone wrong and we weren't able to upload your file(s)."Is it me, a temporary glitch,...

      • Keywords & Tags - HELP

        Keywords & Tags - HELP

        6 years ago

        I have been here for almost two years. I enjoy writing very much, and would like to figure out how to build a larger audience. I don't know if the Panda changes are going to work themselves out or not, BUT I'm getting...

      • Help - WARNING Pixelated Images

        Help - WARNING Pixelated Images

        6 years ago

        This weekend I received the following warning on a Hub that's been up since October 2010. I'm more that happy to fix it, BUT I may be blind or something because I'm not sure which picture(s) could be the problem.How can...

      • True Grit - Coen Brothers Remix

        True Grit - Coen Brothers Remix

        6 years ago

        Any opinions on the new version of True Grit?Here's my take on it: I saw it last night & was favorably impressed. It was well acted. Jeff Bridges does well as the drunken, roughneck Rooster.Hailee Stienfield, the...

      • Literary Agent---Marketing?

        Literary Agent---Marketing?

        7 years ago

        Does anyone have an in with a literary agent?Or suggestions on who to contact? Or how to better market a book?My first book is published & is doing fairly well, I think. I've received good to great feedback from...

      • Comments - Approval Button

        Comments - Approval Button

        7 years ago

        Anyone else having issues with approving comments?I published a new Hub a few hours ago & have six comments on it, but the approval button isn't working.Is it a glitch with me or. . .

      • Excited & Scared

        Excited & Scared

        7 years ago

        I am excited & scared.Why, you ask?The answer can be found in the fifth paragraph on my profile page. And before anyone goes to read it, I want to say thank you to the HubPages community. I am so grateful to have...

      • Glitch...or Is My Computer Dying?

        Glitch...or Is My Computer Dying?

        7 years ago

        Is anyone else having issues with their profile page or the their Hubs?Every profile page I visit is centered on the page, the fonts are huge & they're completed out of alignment. Same thing with individual Hubs....

      • Question - Website Link

        Question - Website Link

        7 years ago

        Our oldest son lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a writer, artist & musician. He has taken some big steps with his writing. He launched a website & just this week, published a new magazine. The following is from...

      • WIPF and STOCK Publishers

        WIPF and STOCK Publishers

        7 years ago

        Does anyone have any experience with WIPF & STOCK Publishers? Specifically their Resource Publications imprint?I checked Preditors & Editors, & neither the publisher or imprint is listed.

      • Congratulations - Has_aWayWithWords!!!!!

        Congratulations - Has_aWayWithWords!!!!!

        7 years ago

        Congrats to Has_aWayWithWords on 100 followers.Keep up the great hubbing, man.

      • Daily Digest

        Daily Digest

        7 years ago

        My preference to receive notice of those I follow is the Daily Digest, which routinely arrives before 7:00 AM my time.Until yesterday - 2.6.10. I have not received the Daily Digest for yesterday or today. Can this...

      • Question - Duplicate Content

        Question - Duplicate Content

        7 years ago

        I just published a Hub & got a notice of duplicate content.  What is duplicate is verbatim quotes from historical documents that are of course available on the web.  The quotes are the basis & reason...

      • Obama Administration - One Year In

        Obama Administration - One Year In

        7 years ago

        I wrote the following op-ed very early Wednesday morning.  It appears in the Greene County Dailies this morning, Jan 22nd.  The editor gave it this headline: Who's driving the bus? +++++++++++++++++One year...

      • Big Whoop - 10,000 Views

        Big Whoop - 10,000 Views

        7 years ago

        I do not know if this is a big deal or not, given that someone posted getting 50,000 views a day...BUT...it's a big whoop for me.  Hit the milestone today.  And I celebrated by taking a break to have tea &...

      • Professional Edit

        Professional Edit

        7 years ago

        At the end of December I engaged Michael Garrett to edit my manuscript "An Ordinary Story Of Extraordinary Hope".http://www.manuscriptcritique.com/Today I received a detailed Edit Report that is extensive,...

      • Top 15 Influential Books - Personalized

        Top 15 Influential Books - Personalized

        7 years ago

        Here's an exercise that was interesting because it took me down memory lane & was actually fun as I thought it through.  In order of influence and/or importance to my development as a reasonably functionally...

      • Question - Deleting Hub To Republish

        Question - Deleting Hub To Republish

        7 years ago

        I came up with an idea for a continuing series of Hubs in the same category.  I have two in that category now & here's my question.Is it legal/accceptable to delete a Hub, tweak it very little, give it a...

      • THANK YOU  & Some Other Stuff

        THANK YOU & Some Other Stuff

        7 years ago

        This morning I hit 200 fans & hopefully still counting, which is a huge encouragment to me.  I want to take a moment & let everyone know how grateful I am.  THANK YOU to everyone who has read and/or...

      • Two Questions

        Two Questions

        7 years ago

        First, let me say THANK YOU for input ahead of time.  I am always impressed & grateful for the help/info I receive in this forum.  This is the third or fourth time I have come here with questions about...

      • Export CSV

        Export CSV

        8 years ago

        I just noted a new feature on my account page.  "Export CSV"Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but what is "CSV" & what does it mean to "Export" it?How do I proceed with it &...

      • Examiner


        7 years ago

        Does anyone have any experience with examiner.com?  Good or bad?

      • Wealthy Writer

        Wealthy Writer

        8 years ago

        Anyone familiar with the Wealthy Writer website & services?http://www.wealthywriter.ws/wealthy/ It is selling their "secrets" to making money writing online.  I am wondering if it is worth the...

      • Whitmore Publishing

        Whitmore Publishing

        7 years ago

        Does anyone have any experience or inside knowledge of Whitmore Publishing Company?

      • Kontera Questions

        Kontera Questions

        8 years ago

        I signed up for Kontera a week or so ago.  The code is set under the affiliate settings, but I am not sure if I am seeing any Kontera stuff on any of my Hubs.  What does Kontera ads look like?  Plus, I...

      • Amazon Question

        Amazon Question

        8 years ago

        On the Amazon site, where do I find the Affiliate Code to cut & paste on HubPages Affiliate Settings?

      • AdSense Unit Code

        AdSense Unit Code

        8 years ago

        Where do I paste the AdSense Unit Code on HubPages?  I'm not having much luck figuring it out.  Thought I was all signed up, but am getting zero activity on my AdSense account.

      • Help With Amazon

        Help With Amazon

        8 years ago

        How do I embed my Amazon aStore as an inline frame or frameset?  Specifically, where to I paste the HTML text on the HubPages site?

      • New Series - Fastforward

        New Series - Fastforward

        8 years ago

        Saw the first episode of Flashforward Thursday evening.  Well written & well acted, though I thought it moved & jumped too fast, though that may have been on purpose. Enjoyed it, but am wondering if I...

      • Seek Feedback & Help

        Seek Feedback & Help

        8 years ago

        I have been writing all my life, but only found HubPages a month or so ago & started publishing Labor Day weekend.I have read many helpful Hubs about getting started, earning income & increasing traffic flow,...

      • Troubleshooting


        8 years ago

        One of my fans is not receiving notifications of when I publish a new hub.  How can I troubleshoot or fix this glitch?