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The genius of God or the concept of same is that it is invisible and can be anything anybody wants it to be. The genius of a Conservative God is that God is everything and thus can be anything to everybody. The genius of a Progressive God is that it is superior to nature and the measure of all things, and thus that and those which do not measure up can be exploited in any manner imaginable.

If the existence of one single individual depends absolutely for existence on necessary and essential infinite space, solar systems, galaxies and still the unknown beyond, then it could be said that everything is necessary for the existence of one, and one is necessary for the existence of all. Everything is Everything..

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    • Please do not include forward slashes in the web address for your Hub.

      Please do not include forward slashes in the web address for your Hub.

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      Please do not include forward slashes in the web address for your Hub.http://www.hubpages.com/Aloe_Vera_For_Acid_Refluxhttp://www.hubpages.com/hub/www.hubpages.com/AloeVeraForAcidRefluxBeats me I can't figure out the...

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      Impossible to read whatever it is (the words) to send an email on hubpages. Everything is getting so byzantine, but probably for a reason.

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      I give up. Can't put links into a hub. Can someone help. The little linkything does not work unless you highlight something. So I highlightthe link word I am going to use, and the linky thing works. So click,put the url...

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      Amazon capsule

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      What does it mean when your Amazon capsule says No Results Found,when you are signed up, have Amazon ads on other of your hubs,and have tried to edit Amazon capsule with keyword. Does it mean no relevant content, or I...