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I'm an ordinary 30 year old male who does things a little out of the ordinary. I've spent my whole life day dreaming, whether it be pacing and acting out scenes in my mind or staring off deep in thought, I'm only about half on this planet most of the time.

I like to learn, I'm not naturally curious. However I was a terrible student in school, the world's most disorganized back pack, worst hand writing, and most apathetic attitude towards homework. Despite all of this I feel as though I've self taught myself a great deal more than some of my class mates. I didn't go to college. Instead I figured there wasn't anything the whole world I couldn't learn on my own from books or experience. My attitude might have been different if College would have been free, or at least greatly cheaper.

I've taught myself to write software. I learned HTML as young as 12 years old, and began learning C, and C++ at the age 14. I was independent study in the computer programming classes in high school. I like to hack into computers for fun and pranks. Always harmlessly, and never anyone who would take a great offense to it. I've learned C#, Python, Java, and much more since high school. One of my new ventures has been developing Android Games with Unity. Its quite a lot fun.

I know what you're thinking, "why does this nerd have a skydiving picture up when all he's been telling us is about how he's really good with computers?" The answer to that is, that picture is me. I've actually made a couple hundred skydives. I started jumping form planes at the age of 19, fresh out of high school. It was a hobbie my dad and I started together. I still jump, but not as much since I moved to Hawaii. Sure the whether is great for it, but the atmosphere at the dropzone isn't quite what I felt in Utah.

Now you know a little about me, I'm sure you're wondering if I ski or snowboard, since everyone from Utah skis or snowboards. The answer is I've done a little of both. I'm better at snowboarding, but terrible at both. You're really wondering if I'm a mormon, and the answer is no. You've found a self proclaimed Athiest. Not without curiosities, which might make you think I must actually be an agnostic, but I think they are pretty much the same thing, I just call myself an Atheist because it invites less weirdo religious nuts to try and preach to you than does calling yourself agnostic.

Since I've mentioned I currently live in Hawaii, you must be wondering if I surf. The answer is not really. I did the whole tourist surf lesson thing, and it was fun, but just never met any surfer friends to pick it up. I am however a scuba diver with lots of dives. I'm addicted to it.

Why am I blogging? I don't know

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