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Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
- Muhammad Ali

kpfingaz is a name I came up with long before I got on the internet trying to make money online. I began to make money with hubpages after finding a top listing on Google while doing promotion on Kyle and Carson's Who Loves Money ebook.

I use the site to make money from affiliate sales and adsense and also to do fun hubs and participate regularly in this awesome community.

I also run the blog, Honest Internet Cash offering affiliate marketing and make money online tips.

My profile photo is a snapshot of the capital city of my country - St. Vincent and the Grenadines by the way.

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      • 100 Scariest Movie Moments...

        100 Scariest Movie Moments...

        8 years ago

        100 Scariest Movie Moments in Movie History...Has anyone seen this? Its a Bravo Tv Special and the list is on their website. Two things I noticed and have a problem with. Willy Wonka is on there! WTF!? I haven't seen...

      • Your Pick for Worst Movie Ever?

        Your Pick for Worst Movie Ever?

        19 months ago

        Well there's got to be over 100 threads in this forum about Favorite movie. So anyway I know Hollywood has played some pranks on us (read: threw shitty movies at us) and tried to make us watch them. I've seen some. You...

      • Favorite Movie Villain?

        Favorite Movie Villain?

        8 years ago

        Mines is the T-1000 as played by Robert Patrick in Terminator II: Judgement Day.Whats yours? And make sure it can beat my villain in a fight.

      • Forum Game: X Degrees of Separation Name Game

        Forum Game: X Degrees of Separation Name Game

        9 years ago

        Ok here's how it works...The object is to name someone that is connected to the person mentioned in the previous post.For example if the first post is Sylvester Stallone the next could be Sharon Stone (they are...

      • Fur Maddie Ruud,

        Fur Maddie Ruud,

        9 years ago

        Hello Maddie, Remember we had some beef a couple of months ago? Um, I think it was about me having too many links to a domain in my hub, being too overly promotional and what not. Well I checked my self into rehab and I...

      • Help Me With My Hub.

        Help Me With My Hub.

        9 years ago

        I don't agree with the 2 links to a single domain per hub rule but nevertheless I still play by the rules. I'm trying to cooperate because I don't want my account banned. I've been a member for over 10 months and I've...

      • First $100 Month!

        First $100 Month!

        9 years ago

        Still got a few days to go but I just checked my Adsense earnings and its the first time I've made over $100 in a single month - $106.42.Most times I take 2 months to qualify for a check but lately I've been averaging...

      • Anyone See Cloverfield?

        Anyone See Cloverfield?

        9 years ago

        I hear its disappointing.

      • Funny Email Thread: Did I Read The Sign Right?

        Funny Email Thread: Did I Read The Sign Right?

        9 years ago

        I'd like to share a funny email with you...Did I read that sign right?       TOILET OUT OF ORDER. PLEASE USE FLOOR BELOW       In a Laundromat:       AUTOMATIC...

      • I thought by now..

        I thought by now..

        9 years ago

        When I was a kid, I thought by now there would be flying cars. Where the hell are the flying cars?

      • Haiku


        9 years ago

        A thread I have seenBuried no indicationso this is for you.I tried. I'm not a pro at this in fact I just learned about this haiku stuff and thought it was beautiful stuff. So I'm practicing. I saw a thread that...

      • Seriously...A Better Vetting System!!

        Seriously...A Better Vetting System!!

        10 years ago

        Someone just joined my fanclub so I go check out his profile and hubs..Guy joins like 7 hours ago and his two hubs only consist of a news module to pull rss feed from somewhere... no original content or nothing, no...

      • Scariest Movie You ever watched?

        Scariest Movie You ever watched?

        10 years ago

        I've had a few that really scared the wits out of me. Slasher films don't do anything for me but those vampire/ghost type movies and especially those with religious undertones? Like Constantine, The Omen... Scariest...

      • Not Satisfied With Answer to Hub Request.

        Not Satisfied With Answer to Hub Request.

        10 years ago

        I asked for a review of a movie and they give me a synopsis. Thing is the answer that they gave me looks like a copy/paste job from somewhere and I'm not too satisfied.I've seen hub requests answered with one or two...

      • Custom Html?

        Custom Html?

        10 years ago

        Is it possible for hubbers to be able to add custom html? We can either have a module to do so or have the option to add it right into the text module. What do you think?