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I was raised Methodist and taught to believe in God and Jesus Christ. I took comfort in knowing that there is a Supreme Being watching out for me, always there to cradle my spirit and lift me up during hard times. I enjoyed my Christian faith for the most part, but one element escaped the grasp of my logic: I was taught that we live once, and when our life is over we stand before our God Almighty and review our life, where we are judged.

I never could get past the fact that this Supreme Being, who created the Universe, our earth, and mankind, would be so short sighted to only give us one shot at spiritual growth. Any teacher wants their students to learn all they possibly can on a given subject. So why would the greatest teacher, the spiritual leader of mankind say, "I love you my children, I want you to succeed, but you only get one shot at it."

Since I dearly love God and my Lord Jesus, I decided to search for answers. When I was in my late twenties, I embarked on what I termed my "Vision Quest"; a Native American rite of passage that leads a soul to a state of spiritual enlightenment.

I did not attend a sweat lodge, but spent two years reading everything I could find on spiritual beliefs and religious dogmas around the world: those that exist today as well as those spiritual teachings that preceded Christianity.

What I discovered is that they were all created by the same source: the Creator of our Universe, whether you call him God, the Omega, Ohm, Um, or Great Creator. Regardless of your religious practices or spiritual beliefs, if the message is unity in the name of benevolence, then it was created to support the spiritual evolution of Humankind. And it was carefully structured into various teachings to accommodate the different paths His children walk as they journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

I also discovered concrete, documented, and indisputable evidence that we reincarnate. I know this statement goes against many religious beliefs, but it is time for Christian dogma and other non-believing sects to at least consider the possibility.

The simple truth is that at this point in our evolution, we have each lived many lives. We have incarnated as both man and woman, in every race and every religion. The acceptance of this fact by mankind would surely put an end to the illogical and reprehensible existence of the prejudiced mind.

In truth we have lived lives where we were wealthy, poor, strong, weak, brave, frightened, lived long and died young. Reincarnating has allowed us to experience different aspects of the many different cultures that exist throughout our world. These life experiences are all necessary for our spiritual growth because our Creator wants us to experience every aspect of His creation.

We all incarnate with a life mission, and mine is to share what I have learned during my decades of spiritual teachings. I hope my words answer your questions and inspire you to embrace the beautiful person you were born to be.

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