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I'm always storming around, trying to get the best out of everything I do. My life is constant up and down journey, but if you are immersing yourself into the creative industries, it's never easy way forward, it's a constant struggle, but nevertheless it's important to enjoy the ride. :))

My hobby is to write, but at the moment it's just for my pleasure. I reveal the things that I like and love, observe the life around me and put it on the paper, or in this case, on the screen. I'm not an acclaimed author, who's brilliant with words and grammar and flow, and all the other things a good writer is supposed to be. For all I know, I'm quite bad, but I know one thing, and that is, WRITING makes me feel better, and that is why I'm doing, what I'm doing.

You are very welcome to comments and suggestions, as long as they are constructive and can improve my writing skill in any way.

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