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Krystyna has been writing science-fiction/fantasy novels for young adults and new adults for the last six years. Prior to her novels she had published several children's books and many articles for informational websites. Her articles are on sites in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Her science fiction/fantasy series Elanclose, Aqueous Passage and Travertine introduce her parviscient protagonist characters and Kisin the antagonist who like the Kisin god displays savage ruthlessness. Through character development the clan members change and so does the readers experience as they feel the protaginists emotional turmoil. The Elanclose series is creative and takes the reader far away from the everyday with colourful descriptions and an urgency as it presents many climactic scenes throughout the series. The final book is powerful in its swift motion with all the clans coming together in a climax that astounds the reader.

Krystyna is presently developing a series of informational books on a program called Harmonious Riding. These non fiction books will take the reader through several levels to gain understanding of their horse. Their connection will improve and the relationship will bring more trust and sensitivity into the partnership.

You can see more information about Krystyna on her website at www.elanclose.ca where you will also find her books.

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  • Miniature Horse has a New Job

    Miniature Horse has a New Job

    7 months ago

    Near the beautiful shores of Rice Lake is Harmony Farm, a horse riding facility. Taking rescue horses that were originally slated for slaughter/unwanted/untrained, they're rehabilitated to a new job.