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Hi! Being a mom of an awesome little baby, I spend a lot of time at home. I use this time trying to make things around me and my family warm, cosy and beautiful. I'm one of those people who love doing all sorts of things that require investments of love and creativity: from cooking to handicrafts, from growing pot flowers to landskaping. I'm in no way professional in any of these spheres, but I feel like sharing my passion with you.

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  • Ukrainian Traditional Recipes

    Ukrainian Traditional Recipes

    5 years ago

    Ukrainian traditional cuisine is rich in various delicious and truly unique dishes. But if you ask me which of the national Ukrainian dishes I would recommend you to try to understand the specifics of of my country's...

  • What to Feed a Budgie?

    What to Feed a Budgie?

    17 months ago

    When you become a happy owner of a budgie - this little charming feathery miracle - , one of the first questions that comes to your mind is what to feed this little "bundle of happiness". Proper feeding of budgies plays...