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Hi, My name is Terry and I am a true Gemini - I multi-task & start many projects at the same time (without completing some of them!). I am a Mom (#1 job), wife (#2 job), Girl Scout volunteer, College Graduate, amateur photographer, amateur graphic artist, and an entrepreneur. I want to do so many things on the Internet (back to the starting multiple projects!) and it is a goal of mind to find focus in my life. Focus on the project/task at hand and focus on my family. I am still new to Squidoo (Oct. 2008) so my focus/lenses is limited. I have 3 daughters and because of those three girls - I have spent the last 10 years a part of Girl Scouts. It has become a big part of my life. So I have created some lens around Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts & You, You Said Yes to Being a Girl Scout Leader,Girl Scout Birthday. Check out my group:Girl Scout Headquarters. My other passion in life is being a mom. I approach motherhood with humor in my lens (and in real life!). the lens that started it all is Surviving Motherhood with Humor.
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  • Juice Shop - A Review

    Juice Shop - A Review

    17 months ago

    For some of the best smoothies around - you have to try Juice Shop smoothies. They have less than 2 grams of fat, 375 - 425 calories, and provide 2 -3 servings of fruit. And they taste .... well more on that later! I...

  • Take Your Scout Troop to Washington DC

    Take Your Scout Troop to Washington DC

    2 years ago

    Destination: Washington DC With Your Troop! We DID IT! We (my co-leader & I) took 8 Brownies to Washington DC and survived! I want to share some of the information I have gathered to help you plan a trip for your Girl...