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http://445nmlaser.com I was born and raised in Bel Air, California until the age of 30 when I began to move around to different states for different jobs. While in California, I graduated High School, not so great an average, but graduated. I joined the US Army in 1985 as a Cavalry Scout and ended up in Fort Knox, Ky. I trained as reconnaissance and air assault. Upon honorable release from the Army, I went to Paramedic school at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Ca. I embarked in my career as a 911 first responder.I burned out as a Medic when my daughter was born and my Father passed away from Kidney Cancer 6 months after he retired. I just couldn't wrap my head around it anymore. I just kept seeing cancer patients and dead or mutilated kids. This lasted a few years in California ans then volunteering in Indiana when I eventually moved there for a joint venture business building laser modules. This laser business didn't fare too well and we ended up moving back to California for a few months. If you have lived there for any length of time, it is a nice place to visit, but not to live. Even though I came from a well to do family, the traffic and pretentious people I had enough of. We traveled to Denver, Colorado for a 9 month stay, I couldn't work as a Medic since I had just fractured my ankle in a bad way. We got a job running the apartment complex we lived in. Snow was nice then, before my physical problems started to mount. Georgia was our next trip, it lasted long enough for me and another engineer to get a laser manufacturer off the ground. We were burned by him and his greed and decided to move, just one more time. This was to Florida. I love it here ! I began by working a few small odd temp jobs and landed a good job to use my technical know how as an instrument Technician with the local water plant. I worked there until just after 9-11 and quit to start a home based business selling lasers again. This time i was on the web and I did very well. Home business and all, I wanted to tax my mind a bit more and was offered a job at a Military thermal imaging company as an R&D Engineer/ Tech. We built a multitude of thermal camera systems from pistol mounted to large armored vehicle mounting. Many of our stand alone units were in use in Iraq and Afghanistan. I traveled a lot during that time and missed being closer to home. Once again, back to laser online sales. The website is coming along and starting to get visitors. We produce low to high output and laser diode power supplies for lab use, hobby use, light show use and general use.

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