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I have been with hub.com for four years and I primarily write about politics and social issues. It has been an acedemic as well as personal interest of mine for many years. If you are interested in viewing any of my topics please do so and leave a comment. Often the discussions I receive on my hubs allows me to gain insight on what the reader wants when reading political or socially themed articles.

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      • Clinton is not the only democrat candidate!

        Clinton is not the only democrat candidate!

        21 months ago

        It has galled me from the beginning that it is generally thought that Clinton is going to be a shoe-in. I understand that Sanders is a self-proclaimed "socialist-democrat," and I don't think that is where the...

      • Earnings?


        21 months ago

        I have a question-(if there is a feature for this let me know.) I was wondering what percentage of writers here get pay-outs monthly? I have been here for four years and have never made any money. I've been close...

      • quick question

        quick question

        21 months ago

        After writing and having your hub approved you are given a score...is this pertaining to quality or traffic?

      • Question-


        21 months ago

        How do I get in touch with a real live person on the hub staff? I looked in FAQ and have already used their suggestion and have never ever gotten a response!

      • Here we go again!!!

        Here we go again!!!

        21 months ago

        I knew it was coming I got a hub "approved" but they dropped the ads!!! Why don't they just say we don't find it offensive but you're not going to make any money on it. While hub-hopping I have seen hubs that...

      • Help with political hubs

        Help with political hubs

        21 months ago

        Good morning my fellow political pontiffs- I write here not for views or profit (I have a day job I hate it but $ is $ lol) I just have to write been that way since 1st grade it makes me happy. OK to my point I have...

      • Donald Trump removing himself from debate-

        Donald Trump removing himself from debate-

        22 months ago

        Personally I am sick of hearing hie rhetoric so I could care less that he is not going to be present. I just find it amazing that his personal "feelings" over a single news reporter is his reason why. Isn't it...

      • trouble updating my profile

        trouble updating my profile

        23 months ago

        Is anyone else having trouble updating today tried throughout the  day but can't update profile Is anyone else having problems?

      • What do U think?

        What do U think?

        23 months ago

        http://www.upworthy.com/there-are-6-scr … say?c=ufb5 I came across this link while researching a hub I am currently writing. I would really like to read some varying views on what is written here. If you can't...

      • Cruz Cartoon anyone?

        Cruz Cartoon anyone?

        23 months ago

        Just wanted to see how those of you within this category feel about the uproar about the Cruz cartoon. Isn't political satire allowed anymore in our "Politically Correct" society ? He made himself a target by...

      • Newer features

        Newer features

        23 months ago

        Hi- I'm coming back into the community after being away for two years or so and I have been housecleaning a bit. Just wondering why with the new editing features it is flagging comments for errors? My hubs are fine but...

      • Boiling mad!

        Boiling mad!

        3 years ago

        A Hub I am currently writing has been tagged for adult content and all ads have been disabled. I am not a smut-monger and have seen published hubs showing nudity and inappropriate content many times with ad attachment....

      • Tarot Reading Anyone?

        Tarot Reading Anyone?

        4 years ago

        A friend of mine asked that I do some tarot readings at her birthday party -It has been years since I've done them  and I only read for "entertainment" purposes. Doing some quick three card readings will...

      • Short Hubs?

        Short Hubs?

        4 years ago

        I really get confused. One school of thought says longer more descriptive hubs are the edit-answer then I am told the average internet reader prefers shorter content. A majority of my hubs are 700 words or less which...

      • What is the purpose of your life?

        What is the purpose of your life?

        4 years ago

        Bertrand Russell a well known atheist stated once "Unless you assume a God the purpose of life is meaningless.' I chose this quote specifically because it can be agreed upon by both the non-believer and the...

      • I wonder how this is going to effect the numbers?

        I wonder how this is going to effect the numbers?

        4 years ago

        http://searchenginewatch.com/article/22 … n-in-Workslooks like Penguin update soon to hit. Some have been concerned about tech problems recently-hope this doesn't make things worse.

      • Any Pope Picks?

        Any Pope Picks?

        4 years ago

        Just wanted to see what my fellow writers thought about the conclave. Does anyone want to do a "Pope" lottery and see who is closest to how many days its going to take for the white smoke to appear?

      • Will the United States stay out of this?

        Will the United States stay out of this?

        4 years ago

        In the U.S. we are known for coming forward in support-will we do so again?http://finance.yahoo.com/news/north-kor … 00122.htmlVerbally taking a stance is one thing but will we enter into a more...

      • Bye,Bye Benedict

        Bye,Bye Benedict

        4 years ago

        Pope Benedict steps down becoming Pope Emeritus at 2pm EST.This action has set many Catholics aback and is something not seen in centuries.I think it shows a sense of responsibility to the office not seen usually in the...

      • Please help!  I have already edited this hub 3 times

        Please help! I have already edited this hub 3 times

        4 years ago

        Any and all suggestions (including just scraping it altogether) would help me tremendously with this particular hub. I will now take a deep breath ...let me have it. Thanks. http://laurad093.hubpages.com/hub/The-W...

      • The 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade

        The 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade

        4 years ago

        It has been forty years but this ruling still troubles some people. What are your personal views?http://news.yahoo.com/roe-v-wade-turns- … 45029.html

      • I am having trouble posting to comment section on several hubs.

        I am having trouble posting to comment section on several hubs.

        5 years ago

        I keep getting an error message every time I try to post in comment (s) section. This has been occurring all morning on various hubs I've tried to "Hop." The site as a whole has been really slow in uploading...