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LaverOnLawAndLife profile image

G Laver (LaverOnLawAndLife)

Joined 5 years ago




I've been an attorney for 30 years. I have successfully practiced in very diverse areas of the law. I have been a prosecuting attorney and child welfare lawyer, and engaged in a private practice that included consumer and personal injury litigation, a lot of domestic relations law and mediation. I enjoy helping people with my knowledge and experience.

I have also served in the military both as an enlisted member and as an officer, and worked as a government attorney. I have taught business law and ethics as adjunct faculty for associates, bachelors and masters degree programs and presented continuing legal education sessions for attorneys, judges and other professional associations.

I'm disappointed when attorneys' need to make a living by charging fees for their knowledge and skills keeps people from seeking out the information they need to deal with the legal stuff of life. I'm also disappointed that legal information isn't more readily available to people who could benefit from it. I've seen a little legal information relieve people of a weight of anxiety, and I've seen it motivate people to take immediate action to avoid what could have been unpleasant consequences if they hadn't received that information. And I've seen people suffer both ways when they did not receive the information that could have helped them. And this may come as a shock, but lawyers can help people in ways that will benefit them and those they care about even when they aren't in trouble!

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and grown-up kids and grandchild, although we live pretty far away from most of them, making the time together all the more precious. I enjoy the great outdoors and hiking whenever I get the chance. I've always enjoyed music. I've played guitar and bass guitar and led singing in churches since I was a teenager, and play keyboards in a classic rock and country band in small town America. My wife and I have always been actively engaged in churches we've attended and the communities where we've lived.

My hubs are not meant to be a substitute for the legal advice of an attorney you hire to assume a professional relationship with you, with an ethical obligation to advise you concerning the specifics of your situation and devise a strategy tailored to your own needs and laws that apply in your location. My intent is to bridge the gap, to foster an understanding of the legal system and explain how certain problems arise and alternatives for how they might be solved. My hope is that with a little more legal knowledge and understanding, maybe others can find the relief they need to enjoy life a little more.

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