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leahlefler profile image

Leah Lefler (leahlefler)

Apprenticeship Alum

Joined 7 years ago from Western New York. Last activity 18 hours ago.




Also follow me on:

+Leah Lefler lives in Western New York, but was born in the warm and wonderful Newport Beach, California. Graduating from the University of California, Irvine in 1999 with a biology degree, she obtained a position as a manufacturing chemist with a biotechnology company in Ventura, California.

Outsourcing of the company led to an adventurous year in Ireland, transferring the technology to the new manufacturing site. Following this contracted year abroad, Leah and her husband transferred to the company's Western New York site.

After having two sons in the space of two years, Leah took a temporary hiatus from work to stay at home and put her energies into teaching both boys how to listen and speak. Matthew, born in 2005, had a severe speech delay and had only 2 words at the age of two-and-a-half. Nolan, born in 2007, has a severe-profound hearing loss and hears with a cochlear implant.

After pursuing intensive years of speech and auditory therapy, both boys have above-average speech and language skills.

Leah now writes freelance articles from home, in addition to working in the product development department at a small in vitro diagnostic biotechnology company.

Hubpages is a wonderful platform for publishing articles, with the ability to earn revenue on the side. Interested? Join now!

Disclosure: Leahlefler is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (among others), an affiliate advertising program designed to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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    • Malware/Adware on PC

      Malware/Adware on PC

      3 years ago

      Silly question here - I think the problem might be an infection on my PC, but I want to make sure. I opened HP this morning and when I checked my comments, there were many in-text ad links. Here is a screenshot:The ads claim they are from ssurrfkeepit. I just want to make sure this is only...

    • Video Hub Aspect Ratio Cuts Off Subtitles

      Video Hub Aspect Ratio Cuts Off Subtitles

      4 years ago

      To the Hubpages Gurus:I create my HP videos with Windows Movie Maker software. I usually include captions for the videos I create. I noticed that the width of the posted videos tends to cut off the captioning for these videos. I took a screenshot to demonstrate the issue:Is there anything I can do...

    • MTurk Hits: Unable to work on hits despite passing qualification test.

      MTurk Hits: Unable to work on hits despite passing qualification test.

      5 years ago

      I passed the qualification test for rating hubs (obtained a 92% score and received the $5 bonus), but when I returned to Mechanical Turk to actually rate hubs, the HIT states I am not qualified. I am posting a screenshot of the page.The qualification requires a score of "30" and I have a...

    • FIXED: Overlapping text from photo captions into other capsules

      FIXED: Overlapping text from photo captions into other capsules

      6 years ago

      Just reporting a little issue with photo captions - the text overlaps the amazon capsules, making the captions unreadable. Screenshot below:

    • Video Hub Problem

      Video Hub Problem

      6 years ago

      I created a video hub and uploaded a video. The video is fully uploaded and processed, but when I selected it for use in my hub, it says "video being processed" across the top of the hub. I can't publish the hub until this is fixed - and there is no way to remove and re-enter the video to...

    • Video formatting takes 24 hours?

      Video formatting takes 24 hours?

      6 years ago

      I uploaded a video to create a video hub yesterday, and it is still "formatting" almost 24 hours later. My other videos have formatted a bit faster than this one - is there a problem with the video formatting process, or am I just being a tad impatient?

    • How can I help a reluctant reader to learn how to read?

      How can I help a reluctant reader to learn how to read?

      4 years ago

      How can I help a reluctant reader to learn how to read?My son is six years old and an emerging reader, but HATES practicing his sight words and doing reading homework. What are some unique, fun ideas to help him gain enthusiasm for reading?

    • Hmmm... Historical Hub - what to do?

      Hmmm... Historical Hub - what to do?

      6 years ago

      I wrote a hub on the 1705 Virginia Slave Act, and the act involved fines and rewards with tobacco as the payment system. In addition, many of the slave plantations were on tobacco farms... I didn't even think about it until I hit "publish" and the warning popped up with disabled...

    •  1st Hubbivesary

      1st Hubbivesary

      6 years ago

      Yikes- I can't believe an entire year has passed! I received an email stating I have now been on HP for an entire year - I think I'll break out the champagne! January 9th is a good day (it is also my son's hearing birthday)!

    • New favorite found while hub-hopping

      New favorite found while hub-hopping

      6 years ago

      I found this spun little gem while hub-hopping:"Giving labour to a baby may seem every so often like carrying a bundle in the movies, but then the fact is that no matter how relaxed the endure of a baby may seem, giving labour is a different story."I'm pretty sure labor didn't feel like...

    • Foreign Languages in Hubs- uploaded as images

      Foreign Languages in Hubs- uploaded as images

      6 years ago

      I was hub hopping and saw a rather innovative approach to having a hub written in two languages. The text portion of the hub was written in English, and then a photo was uploaded containing the same article, written in Spanish.I didn't flag the hub, but I am looking for some feedback - does this...

    • Very Frustrated by Google - randomly suspended account

      Very Frustrated by Google - randomly suspended account

      6 years ago

      I have a blogger account (non-monetized), used for keeping family updated to our goings-on and our son's medical issues. I tried to log in today, and the account has been suspended. Google suggests a violation of TOS, but I cannot imagine any violation of their TOS with my blogs. They're just...

    • Hunter Shoots School Bus

      Hunter Shoots School Bus

      6 years ago

      A gunshot was fired in our general area and hit a school bus full of children - thankfully the bullet didn't hit the kids or the driver (it lodged in the roof of the bus, just behind the driver's seat). Our county started allowing rifles for deer hunting this year, and there have been 2...

    • Kindergarten is Rough!

      Kindergarten is Rough!

      4 years ago

      My son brought home a lot of schoolwork from kindergarten (obviously a worksheet packet that had been completed over the past week). Several of the sheets were marked with statements like "you need to try your best!" or "not acceptable!" I looked at his work and the work is all...

    • Hilton Head Island or Myrtle Beach?

      Hilton Head Island or Myrtle Beach?

      7 years ago

      We're planning our first real vacation (with kids) for next year, and we want to escape the cold weather of Western NY: we were looking at the beaches of South Carolina because we can drive there in one (long) day and the weather is much warmer in that region.We would be going in April (I know the...

    • Hubhopping: Question regarding flagging

      Hubhopping: Question regarding flagging

      7 years ago

      I've been hubhopping lately, and I only flag hubs that are obviously spam or against the TOS. I keep running across hubs that I'm not sure what to do about: they seem to be spam, but have some original text.For instance, they have exactly two links to the same website (the max allowed), and some...

    • First Amazon Return

      First Amazon Return

      7 years ago

      I was really ecstatic last month when someone bought a flat-screen TV through one of my hubs. I don't have any hubs about TVs, but apparently someone was reading a hub, clicked through to amazon, and decided to order a TV.Sadly, they returned the TV this month. My amazon earnings are now in the...

    • First Amazon Sale!

      First Amazon Sale!

      7 years ago

      I only check my amazon affiliate account on a weekly basis, since I didn't have very many product hubs (I do have a few) and didn't expect a sale anytime soon. I was surprised to see an ordered item the other day! Yay!Even better, when I went to see what the person had ordered (most of my product...

    • Declaring Tuesday Tweak Day

      Declaring Tuesday Tweak Day

      7 years ago

      I am not producing any hubs today, but I am going back over several to tweak and improve them. I'm so new that my early hubs are just awful (lacking information, etc.) and they could really use some revision. I hereby declare a Tuesday Tweak day and hopefully I'll get all of my hubs in better form...

    • Suggestion: Allow for Videos

      Suggestion: Allow for Videos

      7 years ago

      Hubpages allows youtube and a few other online video streaming services, but doesn't allow videos. Many captioned videos come from Overstream, so it would be nice to include captioned videos for the deaf and hard of hearing audience.

    • *Happy Dance*  Earnings Threshold to Verify Account

      *Happy Dance* Earnings Threshold to Verify Account

      7 years ago

      Oh, happy day! My Google Adsense account has reached the earnings threshold to verify my account information and set up payment details/tax information/PIN number, etc. I hope my earnings keep up the pace- I would be SO happy to see a check deposited to my account!!!

    • Any and All Criticism Appreciated!

      Any and All Criticism Appreciated!

      7 years ago

      I really want to create quality hubs: I have just started my hubpages "career" and have tried targeting a few niches (with hearing loss and GIMP photo editor tutorials as the groups with the most hubs right now). How can I improve on the quality of my hubs? I am not sure which hub to post...