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We all know that graffiti is a federal offense, but did you ever wonder what it would look like if it were legal? That's when you take pictures of monuments, especially gravestones, so you can paint on them digitally, to legally make them look like much greater works of art. This vibrant style of art is called Plaffiti, and I would encourage it to become widespread.

I, Leo Kennedy have harmlessly turned a large variety of gravestones into comic characters, dart boards, holiday decorations, shrine pieces, greeting cards, political propaganda, and so mush more, as in "These trees planted in goofy memory of Isaac Newton for his many years of eccentric experiments. (This included hanging upside down to feel his head, being yanked on by 'gravity.')"

The ones I turn into comic characters can engage in comedic activities of all sorts, including stunts, paintball, and pranks. Depending on the subject's legacy, some of my modified inscriptions are positive, some are negative, many are just totally loco.

In addition, reviews are in plaffiti order for films and video games of all genres. And it's not just pop culture. It can even be parodies of presidents, vice presidents, and even successful presidential assassins as mentioned above. And the jokes don't stop there. I have two ultimate plaffiti goals: 1# use subjects from every country, and 2# collect and use templates from every U.S. state, including The Last Frontier.

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