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My name is Linda.I am a crafter and artist. I have worked with many types of mediums to create things that are unique and beautiful. My main love is painting. I use Rustoleum spray paints to create landscapes as well as space scenes. This is my main method of creating. I also enjoy crochet, beading, jewelry making, painting with acrylics, and much more. I also like to engrave on glass and stone using a dremel, as well as painting on rocks. I also enjoy wood burning as well. I live in Central Iowa with my fiancee and our five dogs. I have studied about dogs and wolves as well as many other subjects that are dear to me. I am also a student of comparative religions and an Ordained Minister of the Wicca Church. I have practiced the Craft since the age of 14 and today I am not only a Minister, but I'm a High Priestess as well. I am currently studying Shamanism and will be writing more lenses on these subjects. I found Squidoo when a friend of mine told me about it. I tried it and decided I liked writing these little stories about the things I know and love. I do hope you enjoy my stories and lenses and will come back for more in the future. Thanks for reading them and to those who have favored them. Blessings to all.

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  • Woodburning, a Dying Art?

    Woodburning, a Dying Art?

    6 years ago

    This is about my favorite art, Woodburning. Is this a dying art form or just hidden? How many people know about the craft? I don't know but I once heard someone describe my works as a dying art. The art of woodburning...