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I am a recent college graduate (major: Asian Studies [focus on Japan]; minor: Anthropology) and am going to be teaching English in Japan as a JET ALT beginning this August.

One week I have a passion for all things Jane Austen, the next I have five personal projects which all beckon to me at once, and the following week I sit and wish I was truly passionate about a handful of subjects rather than only moderately interested in a plethora of them. What can I say? I'm a dabbler. I dabble in cooking. I dabble in writing. I dabble in music and art. What will catch my attention next? We'll find out!

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  • Commonly Asked Questions about Synesthesia

    Commonly Asked Questions about Synesthesia

    5 years ago

    Synesthesia - the linking of two or more senses, where the first sense elicits an automatic and involuntary response in the second sense - is a relatively recent neurological rediscovery made by Dr. Richard Cytowic in...