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Trained as a Researcher, writer at heart.

Currently in my 20th Year of School

Interested in all things apple and watching videos of people eating food and subsequently eating the same thing.

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Macbook Air refresh 2012: One week in… After owning a 2010 Macbook Air I decided in June that it might be a good time for a new system with Ivy Bridge. Having entered the age of Ultrabooks, Intel’s answer to the Macbook,

Mac vs PC 2012: From a lifetime Windows user If you are considering buying a new computer, whether it a laptop or a desktop, the classic argument has always been Mac or PC. This same game is still being played by consumers today, though the players are a little different.

Pizza Always Means Party Its fun. It’s easy. It fits in the middle of your hand. For over 500 years pizza has been the cornerstone for any social event. Pizza much like the word party is the same in every language and every part of the globe.

New Macbook Air Refresh 2012: The Real Dealbreaker, The Glass Trackpad from Apple Computers The new 13 inch and 11 inch Macbook Airs have been recently updated by Apple this past June with Ivy Bridge processors and a small slew of other specification updates. The Macbooks come default

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