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Thank you for stopping by. Skim through my hubs below and stay for a while. You may find something of interest, so bookmark or follow and visit as often as you like.

Following are examples of topics I research and write about:

Gardening in its various forms is becoming increasingly popular in our society as many people have regained an interest in self-sufficiency. I've written several hubs on organic gardening and one describing chicken breeds for the back yard.

Astrology is a fascinating science that I've found helps to bring clarity and new perspectives. I've written chart interpretations on a few capital court trial criminals; Jodi Arias and Oscar Pistorius.

Fleas are a major problem many dog and cat owners contend with every summer. My hub about fleas is a helpful guide to end the cycle of infestation.

GMOs, genetically modified or engineered foods are an important matter of concern the media seldom, if ever, reports on to keep us informed.

Any questions or thoughts may be submitted in the comment section at the end of each hub.

I blog at astrolivia.wordpress.com. Enter the arch at the right of that page to view my selection of blogs on gardening, wellness, astrology, motorcycles, liver care and news ramblings.

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    • Where is the Hubpages Widget link?

      Where is the Hubpages Widget link?

      4 years ago

      In the learning center, the hubs say the link to create a widget to put on your blog is directly beneath the profile pic on your 'my profile' page, however, it isn't anywhere on my profile page, so where do I locate the...