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Hi, this is my account that was transfered from squidoo. Hope it transfers over correctly!! please!! ahaha Well what can you do?
Anyway, I am a locksmith in Brisbane. Just writiing about all sorts of things. Mostly boring! :) Read it if you want!!

I am into lots of things, especially locks and keys ahah well picking locks is my job, but it is also a great challenge to learn about new locks that come onto the market and how to open them. Sometimes it is a challenge. Sometimes not.
Take it ieasy!

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  • Technology is the Social Engineer

    Technology is the Social Engineer

    4 years ago

    We have advanced robots building our cars and working in our factories. Where is your automatic cleaning robot? or your flying car? The future is not the easiest thing to predict. Science Fiction writers have been...

  • Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt

    Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadbolt

    3 years ago

    I have to admit generally, I am not too keen on electronic locks. They are not as reliable as mechanical locking systems and many have serious security issues. This is the latest offering from Lockwood Australia. It is...

  • Master keying

    Master keying

    4 years ago

    Master keying is the ability to have 2 or more keys work in the same lock. Controlling which keys work which locks allow us to give different people access to different doors. For example We could have a motel of 6...

  • Lizard People

    Lizard People

    5 years ago

    You may not be aware of this but if you look closely you will see what I am about to tell you is true. Have you ever had that feeling that the top politicians of your country or top business people just don't look...

  • West End

    West End

    4 years ago

    West End is a suburb of Brisbane but got it's name from the West End in London. It does have some similarities with London such as being close to the major River and being close to the City Centre. West End is towards...

  • Greenslopes


    4 years ago

    Greenslopes is a suburb on the Southside of Brisbane. It encompasses Stones corner to the North and adjoins Holland Park to the South. Greenslopes is also home to the Greenslopes Private Hospital. Greenslopes Private...

  • St Lucia Brisbane

    St Lucia Brisbane

    4 years ago

    St Lucia has become a suburb with one very prosperous business dominating and shaping the suburb. The business is The University of Queensland or UQ as it is known to most in Brisbane. St Lucia is one of the special...

  • Bulimba Balmoral Hawthorne

    Bulimba Balmoral Hawthorne

    4 years ago

    Bulimba, Balmoral & Hawthorne form one of the most picturesque parts of Brisbane with Morningside to the South. Bulimba is now a trendy suburb as it is close to Brisbane City Centre by car and a quick ferry ride to...

  • changing locks

    changing locks

    14 months ago

    What really happens when my locks are changed? Changing locks is a loose industry term. Some prefer Re-keying Locks or Re-pinning locks. Whichever term you like the best the process is the same when using a qualified...

  • Movies that dont suck and some that do

    Movies that dont suck and some that do

    4 years ago

    Sometimes you get so sick of American Blockbusters that they make you want to vomit. Most Hollywood movies all use the same mould and all leave you thinking wow, didnt I just see that movie last time I watched one? Now...

  • Hydraulic Clutch

    Hydraulic Clutch

    4 years ago

    Most modern cars use a hydraulic clutch. When you put your foot on the clutch pedal you are using mechanical leverage to depress a piston. The piston pushes fluid through a tube which pushes another piston to depress...

  • Computer education for kids.

    Computer education for kids.

    4 years ago

    The government has recently re-introduced policy concerning the teaching of mandatory Asian languages for our school children. It is all well and good to learn a foreign language, but is it really the most important...

  • Rochedale, QLD

    Rochedale, QLD

    4 years ago

    The explosion of new home building across Brisbane might have slowed in recent times but in Rochedale, QLD, new housing developments are going strong. Arise at Rochedale is one such development. Rochedale is far enough...

  • Sunnybank


    4 years ago

    Sunnybank is located on the south side of Brisbane. It is between Mt Gravatt, Eight Mile Plains, Runcorn, Algester, Acacia Ridge, Coopers Plains and Macgregor. Mains Road runs through Sunnybank and links it with...

  • Caution - Fire Doors may not be what they seem

    Caution - Fire Doors may not be what they seem

    4 years ago

    This is in part due to the tragic fire in Bankstown recently where 2 girls died after jumping from a balcony. I am not trying to portray this information is in anyway connected with what happened at Bankstown. This is...

  • Growing coffee in Brisbane

    Growing coffee in Brisbane

    4 years ago

    Brisbane has a great climate for growing your own coffee. Easy to grow Easy to process. Why buy coffee when you can easily make it better and fresher then the shops. This describes a simple process anyone can do in...