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Thanks for taking an interest in my Hubpages articles. I am female lining in London and I am I like to share my interests and experiences with other community members, especially of women who have been in similar situation.

My policy:

My Community Policy is there should be no offensive language and everyone should treat one another with respect regardless of how strong your views are. I intent to publish articles which are of interest to me I would like to hear other peoples opinion on the subject. I also look forward to hearing other people’s experiences on related issues.

No spam.

Please do not spam but you are welcome to upload links that are related to the subject. I will try and reply to any emails sent to me about the topics I write abput.

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  • Woman Marrying Feminine Men

    Woman Marrying Feminine Men

    7 years ago

    Feminine Men I am interested find out other women’s views on the topic.  First of I would like to give you a bit of background about my self.  I consider my self to be a successful, confident woman with pretty...