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I am a Christian wife and mother. I say this because it comes first before bartender and looking for new employment. When I was a child I wanted to be a journalist in a big-shot newspaper when I grew up, but God had different plans for me. However, HubPages has given me a little taste of a dream. I grew up in a suburb that, in the past few years, has become a big city. Now, I live in the middle of nowhere country. As a child and a lady who has always been in the lower-middle class and climbing a mudslide with grace and poise, I might have some advice and information for a lot of you. I look forward to hopefully helping you, getting feedback, and learning from my peers here on HubPages.

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  • Wolf Worms/Bot fly/Blow Fly Larvae

    Wolf Worms/Bot fly/Blow Fly Larvae

    6 years ago

    A few weeks ago my cat came down with something that we were sure was going to take her life, but there was no money for a vet bill, and we had no idea what was making her so sick. Usually an energetic ball of fun, my 8...