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Traveling the world with my laptop and kids at my side. I love hubpages and have been a member since 2009. I enjoy creating new hubs and reading hubs in my spare time.

Some of my favorite authors include BkCreative, jimmythejock, advicechica and vaguesan. I have enjoyed reading many if not all of their hubs. I hope you will too.

I have made higher education a very expensive hobby of mine. I have been in college since 2002. My thirst for education has given me useful knowlege in many things related to the education process.

Hupages is an amazingly supportive and informative community.

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        7 years ago

        Thanks everyone. When I started out on hubpages almost 2 years ago I was not very active in the hubpages community. Over the past two months I've become more active. I've posted questions, I'm participated in the forums...

      • Hub score of 1

        Hub score of 1

        7 years ago

        Hey everyoneI do not have this issue but I saw that on of my hub fans has a hub score of 1. How is that possible. I guess i just want to know so that I doesnt happen to me

      • Made my first $100

        Made my first $100

        7 years ago

        After almost two years I've made my first 100. I'm excited because for about a year i didn't publish any hubs. Then again I think about how much more I would have had if I would have kept a steady pace of hub...

      • Batman gadgets you wish you had

        Batman gadgets you wish you had

        8 years ago

        Yeah i'm a big kid and I wish I had the whole batcave!!!!!! I WANT IT ALL BABY!!

      • What does this quote mean to you

        What does this quote mean to you

        8 years ago

        It is not the strongest of the species that survive,nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles DarwinHow does this quote apply to you and your life?