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Dark lurker and sometimes mouse hunter, purveyor of lasagna, part time coffee fiend (oh the hawiian kona), cat napper extrodinare and all round good guy.

I have lots of opinions (butter improves everything!), facts (butter improves everything), and advice (use butter in everything).

Professional waffler (eats waffles for a living) and Iceguy, once a year. My ambition is to sculpt a life-sized Colossus of Rhodes out of 100% British sourced snow, atop the gateposts of my mansion.

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      • Amoral to moral?

        Amoral to moral?

        7 years ago

        Is it possible for an amoral community to develop morals without an outside influence? By amoral I mean completely without any knowledge of morals and by outside influence I mean an active force outside their community,...

      • One big one or many?

        One big one or many?

        7 years ago

        I've just finished writing a huge hub (~4800 words) which I could split fairly easily into four topics. On the other hand, if it all goes into one hub, the reader has the whole set of information on all the topics...

      • University essays on hubpages?

        University essays on hubpages?

        7 years ago

        Quite simply, is there any reason I can't publish essays written for uni courses as hubs? (aesthetic question of having a 5000 word hub with no relevant images aside).