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I am a life long Arizona resident who has lived in Tucson, Glendale and now Sedona. When I retired from teaching writing, I decided that it was time to write about the topics that interested me. I currently write about Arizona history and have had three books published so far. My first is about Arizona's early tourists and historic hotels, How Arizona Sold its Sunshine: Historical Hotels of Arizona. My next two books, combine my interest in historic postcards of Arizona with historcal text. A Journey Through Northern Arizona and A Journey Through Southern Arizona. I am currently writing a book of short stories about growing up in Tucson in the 1950s and 1960s. I also love writing about antiques and collectibles and I freelance articles for several collectors magazines. My dream job would be a book reviewer.

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      • Porn on Hubpages

        Porn on Hubpages

        23 months ago

        How is How to Have a Good Time with an Escort with a topless girl not porn on Hubpages!

      • Visiting Sedona Arizona

        Visiting Sedona Arizona

        5 years ago

        Have you ever visited Sedona Arizona, and if so, what activities did you enjoy the most?

      • Western Art

        Western Art

        6 years ago

        Do you enjoy Western Art, and if so, who is your favorite Western artist?

      • Google Ad Sense

        Google Ad Sense

        6 years ago

        While I seem to understand hubs, text and capsules.  I can't get my Ad Sense set up.  Went to Google and kept getting bx-e7qrc9 error.  I could read error postings, but didn't seem to help.I don't have a...