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Hello fellow golfers! I'm a golf addict as perhaps some of you. Please accept me, not for the excellence of my golf scores but for the seriousness of my addiction.

Here I am: Marcel White, golf lover, 65, creator of a patented golf equipment for computer-assisted teaching and training and now writing about golf putting.

When I retired, after a career as an engineer, I decided to use my background in physics and geometry to go deeper in the analysis of some aspects of the game because I believe I can help some other golf lovers. And because I believe also that the short game is the most important part of golf I chose to focus on putting and cover some aspects never covered before or that I consider that can be addressed under a new perspective.

Taking into consideration that during my professional career I've always been praised for my ability to put things in plain words and to make even the most complex subject clear to everyone I tried to use the same principles in my approach to golf.

The first outcome was Golf Putting Lines, an ebook I wrote that is now available online. It's a comprehensive guide to anticipate successful putting lines on sloping greens and includes several examples and tips that will improve your golf performances.

After that, I started writing articles where I always try to include something that no one said or explained before. Recently, a new ebook, How to Putt for Success – Fine Tuning Your Golf Putting Technique, became available.

Finally, I invite everybody to visit my site www.puttinglines.com and give me feedback. I have a nice surprise for the authors of the best contributions.

Thank you!

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