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I'm a baby boomer undergoing a major life change after a near-death experience in 2011.

Currently I live with my elder daughter, son-in-law, and my two grandchildren, ages 2 years and 7 months.

I hope you find my hubs varied and interesting. Feel free to comment and share links to my hubs with your friends. I appreciate all visits and shares.

If you would like to write for HubPages, please let them know I referred you when you register by putting in luvu2 in the web address, like this: http://hubpages.com/luvu2/user/new/

Thank you and God bless!

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      • Hubbie Award Mug

        Hubbie Award Mug

        3 weeks ago

        I received my mug today for the Hubbie Award (Grammar Nerd). I wish to thank everyone who voted for me.It's a pretty neat little mug!

      • Proofreading


        2 months ago

        Anyone care to proofread my article on proofreading? (I'm good, but I'm human too.)https://hubpages.com/literature/Proofreading-Tips

      • About Search Engine Optimization

        About Search Engine Optimization

        3 months ago

        I came across this piece of advice in the first part of the Learning Center:"Write to educate your readers on your topic: create content on subjects that you are an expert; don't create content for search engines,...

      • Free Feedback

        Free Feedback

        4 months ago

        I am offering editing suggestions and hub improvement ideas gratis to celebrate this Fourth of July. This will especially benefit new writers here on Hub Pages who have difficulty getting featured. My offer is good July...

      • TopicTab on Accounts Page

        TopicTab on Accounts Page

        9 months ago

        I have never used this tab. This morning, out of curiosity, I clicked on it and went through the choices on all the templates. I am dumbfounded as to when and how I would actually use this. Has anyone ever used it? When...

      • Refreshing My Memory About Quality

        Refreshing My Memory About Quality

        9 months ago

        My G: drive is finally working on my laptop again, and I came across a reminder to myself about improving the quality of my hubs. It reads as follows:Excellent grammar and spelling. Pay special attention to cases in...

      • Happy New Year 2017!

        Happy New Year 2017!

        10 months ago

        Did you know that the year 2017 carries the numerology value of "1"? When you break the number down and add the integers together, you get the number 1 (2+0+1+7=10, then 1+0= 1).The number one, according to...

      • Posting Affiliate Links

        Posting Affiliate Links

        11 months ago

        Do advertisers pay Hub Pages to post their ads? I am learning to post affiliate ad links.Would it be possible to post such links on my Hub Pages hubs for free? If not, is such a thing being considered as a future...

      • Managing Hubs

        Managing Hubs

        18 months ago

        This morning (May 14, 20160 I decided to spotlight my hubs relating to women, one of them being me. My original goal was to have 72 polished hubs that I could change monthly (six hubs are accommodated In the Spotlight...

      • Phase Change in Life's Journey

        Phase Change in Life's Journey

        2 years ago

        I seem to be falling behind, if there is such a thing, here at Hub Pages. My unpublished hubs are nearly equal to those that are published and featured. I apologize to those who may have wanted to read one of my...

      • Need Suggestions for Republishing a Hub

        Need Suggestions for Republishing a Hub

        2 years ago

        I think this one needs a total rewrite, but I'm not sure where to start.I will put this into publish mode for 7 days in the hopes of getting some feedback. It's older, but I think it has potential. I seem to be...

      • Live Chat

        Live Chat

        2 years ago

        I think it would be nice for Hub Pages to have a Live Chat feature on our site for hub writers to get direct assistance when they are really frustrated, confused, or stuck. At least one other writing site that I ...

      • Hubber Score 100

        Hubber Score 100

        3 years ago

        I was pleasantly surprised to see my hubber score hit 100. Now if I can just get this traffic thing . . .

      • Hubber Status

        Hubber Status

        3 years ago

        I will be inactive at Hub Pages until I receive a payout (sometime in December) or the Hub Pages team invites me to officially become an editor for their HubPro program. Blessings!

      • Best Hubber Score to Date

        Best Hubber Score to Date

        3 years ago

        I just viewed my profile page and saw 99 assigned to my profile picture. This score is the highest I've had on Hub Pages so far, and it's kind of nice!

      • Incomplete Summary in Profile Featured Box

        Incomplete Summary in Profile Featured Box

        3 years ago

        My email to Hub Pages' Team was sent 6/1/14 and read as follow:Dear Team:I have noticed that the entire summary for my hub article does not always show completely in the "featured" box under my profile page....

      • Opting Out of Editor's Choice: Be Aware

        Opting Out of Editor's Choice: Be Aware

        3 years ago

        I decided to opt out of Editor's Choice Awards because I read some hubbers had better traffic without it. What I didn't realize, however, was that opting out deleted all Editor's Choice Awards in the past. My award icon...

      • Why I like Hub Pages

        Why I like Hub Pages

        3 years ago

        I've been a little down about not having received a payout for nearly two years of participation here, but I'm looking at Triond, another writing site, and I must say how grateful I am for the amount of control I have...

      • Writer's Block and Fatigue Facing Grow HubPotChallenge

        Writer's Block and Fatigue Facing Grow HubPotChallenge

        3 years ago

        Well, summer is fast approaching here in sunny Florida, so I've been busy clearing as much area as possible to grow an organic garden. Florida betony, by the way, has an ubiquitous root system! Today I'm feeling a...

      • A Thank You for All My Readers

        A Thank You for All My Readers

        3 years ago

        Having taken time off from Hub Pages for the holidays, I wish to thank everyone who took the time to read and, perhaps, vote or comment on one or more of my articles or stories. Feedback gives me the inspiration to...

      • My Pet Peeve with Fan Mail

        My Pet Peeve with Fan Mail

        3 years ago

        I do a fair amount of suggesting editorial changes to hubbers when I feel these may be helpful. I despise the challenge prompts testing whether or not I'm a person. First of all, my vision isn't exactly eagle acute....

      • The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis

        The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis

        4 years ago

        I am planning to purchase this book as a Christmas gift for myself, but I thought rather than just going to Amazon, why not see if anyone at Hub Pages has it posted on his hub and buy it through him. Anyone have it?

      • Editor's Choice Award

        Editor's Choice Award

        4 years ago

        I am blessed with my fourth Editor's Choice on my last hub, "Altering a Waist for a Smaller Fit." Thank you, Hub Pages Team.Although I think the shorts are ugly, they are one of my daughter's favorites. The...

      • Travel Hubs

        Travel Hubs

        4 years ago

        Sharing Zana World's hub as an example for travel hubbers:Note the links to subheadings, descriptive text, and organization with appropriate pictures for each place. This is a really well organized...

      • My Return to HubPages

        My Return to HubPages

        4 years ago

        I have been very busy over the past two weeks developing the social links allowed on HubPages and am hoping these efforts will improve traffic flow to my hubs.I am also experimenting with a membership at Textbroker.com,...

      • Misplaced Photo

        Misplaced Photo

        5 years ago

        On my Profile page, my personal image appears on the hub about Archangel Raphael instead of the photo I chose and credited showing the Third Eye Chakra. I've tried to edit the photo, but my own image still appears on...