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Marie Lawrence lives in New Hampshire with her family and three adopted pets. She has been a musician, a teacher, and an award winning writer. Her interests include gardening, painting, and humanitarian causes. She has enjoyed working with children in schools to cultivate a love of poetry, music, and art. She believes that the arts can help us to realize our full human potential and give us a far greater capacity to feel empathy for the lives of others- people as well as animals. "The arts, i.e., she says, enrich our lives by adding a deeper dimension to our humanity."

Through charming heroines like Lydia the Ladybug, Ms. Lawrence helps children to realize that we are all special in our own way, and that each life has something valuable to offer the lives of others. Her stories have a theme of the magic of being, to be happy with who you are, and that our dreams can come true if we believe in ourselves.

Her first book, "Lydia, The Story of How the Ladybug Earned Her Wings," is praised by both critics and readers alike as a wonderful book that helps build children's self-esteem as a little ladybug realizes the value that her own life holds. A second book and sequel to her fist book, "Lydia the Ladybug in Paris," has recently been published and is also receiving critical acclaim not only as a story full of wit, excitement, and charm but for its message that showing concern for the lives of our fellow creatures is noble and "queenly" in and of itself. Her third book in this children's series, "Fred and Lydia Take London By Storm," has recently been published. It is a delightful and imaginative story about an extraordinary frog and ladybug who are catapulted to fame when a talent scout discovers them rehearsing Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

She hopes that her books give children the message that they are special, and that they have unique talents and qualities to share with the world.

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