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Marie Ryan (marieryan)

Joined 8 years ago from Andalusia, Spain. Last activity 6 weeks ago.




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Originally from the north-east of England, I am writing from the beautiful region of Andalucía, Spain, where I have lived, and worked for the past 38 years.

You can also find me on my weblog about learning Spanish

and my travels and adventures around Spain over the years.


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      • What went wrong? My hub is not featured: quality

        What went wrong? My hub is not featured: quality

        3 months ago

        I have written several hubs and only this one has been flagged as low quality. (Shock-Horror)I tried to tweak it yesterday, and I also  removed a few Amazon capsules, believing that may have been the problem....

      • hub earnings

        hub earnings

        5 years ago

        I am a very patient  person, some of my friends think I am too patient:I have written 21 hubs, I began in November 2009. Exactly 2 years ago. I have had 8,900 page views.I was away from hubpages for a few months...

      • adsense


        6 years ago

        HiI used  to have an adsense account but have been away from hubages for 6 months...now I'm back and trying to get staterd again, Adsense say I have NO earnings with them....even though I had 20 dollars accrued 6...

      • where can I see accumulated adsense earnings?

        where can I see accumulated adsense earnings?

        6 years ago

        HI, Please advise me.I have been away from hubpages for almost 12 months. I had 20 hubs published and on last check I had accumulated about 20 dollars with adsense....but I'm very patient so that wasn't a problem,...

      • constructive criticism needed

        constructive criticism needed

        7 years ago

        I have been writing on hubpages for months and I really enjoy it! I love the camaraderie that ther is among hubpage colleaues and I am really interested in developing my writing skills rather than making a fortune...

      • Writing Hubs

        Writing Hubs

        7 years ago

        Could some kind hubbers please tell me how long it takes them to research/compose/design/illustrate an average hub in total?I literally spend hours and I'm not getting very far!Thanks